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Alpha Trine by Lexi Ander Book Review

Genre: Science fiction, Erotica Author:  Lexi Ander Series:  The Valespian Pact #1 Date Published:  September 25, 2013 Publisher:  L...

Fascinating Password and Hint Combinations for Windows

Honestly, if someone steals your laptop, passwords don't really matter. One can always reformat the OS. To ward off wayward siblin...

A Playboy's Guide to Life

How to become a playboy: A silly post inspired by reading contemporary romance novels. Playboy [noun]: A man devoted to the pursuit of ...

Feature and Follow #5: Time Travel

This feature is a weekly meme hosted by  Parajunkee  of Parajunkee’s View and  Alison  of Alison Can Read . The goal is to increase blog ...

How to Add Facebook and Disqus Comment Systems to Blogger in Tabs Using JQuery

Ever since I've learned to blog, I've been customizing my blogger comment section a lot of times to get that certain desired look. T...