Food Trip at Bonne Ga Restaurant Cebu

Bonne Ga Restaurant Cebu

It's the Valentine's Day and being single, my sister and I couldn't think of any other special activity but to eat outside. Well, the truth is, we had other stuff to do that day and we just got hungry after.

We've eaten lots of Korean food but this will only be the second time we've tried eating unlimited Samgyeopsal. The first being at The BADA on the same street.

I actually prefer this restaurant over The BADA since it's of self-service style. You get to grab whatever you like among the choices of 18 side dishes (not all 18 are available depending on the season).

Here are what you can pick:

Bonne Ga Restaurant Menu

I honestly don't understand all the hype with The BADA. The service crew there aren't good at which side dishes to serve first. Basically, the lettuce is always late (like what I observed on other tables too). You don't have much of a choice with side dishes there, but you have the option to have additional beef and shrimp (for ₱400). But the thing that really grind my gears on The BADA is that their food is not spicy at all.

Well, everything in Bonne Ga Restaurant is moderately spiced. I mean, not as spicy as how I would expect from Korean food but at least, there's a kick. And their Kimchi tastes like how I expect a Kimchi would taste like unlike in The BADA. Yup, I really didn't have a good experience there.

The BADA is always packed while Bonne Ga barely has people in it when their food and service are way better. It's so unfair!

Everything you need is on the table!

What everybody is drooling for: Samgyeopsal:

Your normal Sampgyeopsal Options

They basically just serve chicken and pork belly for their barbecue, but at least, there's the spicy option.

Look at those chili flakes, yum!

Anyway, just look at all these side dishes!

You have no idea how much I enjoyed this fried kamote.

Jeyuk Bokkeum at Bonne Ga Restaurant
This is definitely a Korean dish, always good for bibimbap

Tteok-booki at Bonne Ga Restaurant

Look, I made a BIBIMBAP with French fries on the side!

Our messy table

I enjoyed the food here. They also have a lovely couch for the seats (I can't post my selfies here).

Anyway, just try the food here rather than stick to the mainstream.

Bonne Ga Restaurant is located at the Upper Ground Terrace, J Centre Mall, Mandaue City.

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