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I'm Liezl Ruiz and you can call me Zi (I rather insist). Well, I give myself my own nicknames (which is a bad thing for Asians; it's in Asian culture for another person to give someone a nickname) and I change my mind a lot of times. For the sake of this brand, Zirev, I will stick with Zi finally.

Zirev (short for Zi Review) is a website where I post my book reviews and sometimes, movie reviews. Occasionally, I post things that are trending in the blogosphere and pop culture. I also feature other interesting things like food, clothing, and thought-provoking stories.

I usually post on the latter half of the month.

You can find me on social media with links on the footer. Else, drop a message at the Contact page.

You can call this website my hobbit hole.

Guest posts are accepted. If you have a Gmail and want to post in Zirev, go to my Contact page.

I made the template for this website. If you would like for me to design your website (Blogger or self-hosted Wordpress), feel free to message me so we can strike a deal.

I'm not active much in most social media but I'm a social media addict (either I stalk people or I collect accounts even if I don't use them). Because of my regret that I didn't get a top-level username for major social media when I had the chance (like no one ever used it yet), I make accounts all over the Internet just so I could use a top-level username for every social medium out there.

What is a top-level username?

A top level username is the simplest username one can get that would imply credibility or authentication and that's none other than either a brand name (if you have a business) or as a person of profile, your very own name. A top level username would be [first name][surname]. For me, that would be liezlruiz. There should be no middle initial, special characters, numbers or any words like Official, TheReal, IAm. You only use extra characters or words when somebody else has taken your IDEAL top-level username unless the social medium is Google+. Silly Google.

I tried so hard to get a top-level username for my Google Plus account but Google won't let me. Liezl is a common first name and worst, so much more is Ruiz. No amount of doing tricks like registering with lacking characters (in my case, I registered as Liezl R so I could fill up "uiz" as extra characters) so I could get a top-level username because the last characters would still spell "Ruiz" which is a common last name. In the End, I changed my name to Liezl M R (M is my middle initial), waited 3 months before I could get that permission again to change my Google Plus URL.

So, hurrah! I got LiezlMRuiz as my username for Google Plus. The two social media that I was referring to as me not taking a top-level username are Facebook and Twitter because, effing me... I was too ashamed of myself on 2009 that I don't want to be found even if nobody cares. In the end, I got LiezlMRuiz for Twitter and because my profile has long been set to another username, I just made a Facebook page for LiezlMRuiz to secure that name.

I was able to secure liezlruiz as a username for the rest. Although it is in my deepest regret that I didn't even bother with WattPad (somebody has taken it already!) to think that I'm a professional book reviewer. I don't know. Perhaps, it's because I'm not into fan fiction and not much into independent releases (unless it's on Amazon). I know lots of people got to read an original material on WattPad before they got released by a publisher. I don't mind not being part of an author's beginnings, I'd rather read something authentic already.

There are other media that acquire for you to upgrade to premium membership just so you could change your username to a desired one. Because of it, I just make a new account. This is why I have multiple accounts for every social medium and I can't get rid of the old ones because I had already contributed there in the past. I can't just throw away all those hard work.

Anyhow, here's my major social media personal accounts (take note I have different social media accounts for Zirev all over the site; take note that these personal accounts are mostly empty for now):

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