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I'm Liezl Ruiz and you can call me Zi (I rather insist). For seven years, I used to go by Ziru, a code name that I used for a PE class that I just implemented outside of PE. People thought that I was a weibo and complained that there's no syllable zi in the Japanese language. Others thought I was a koreaboo. In fact, Ziru is a male Chinese name. I don't want to be mistaken for anything. Ziru is simply an anagram of my surname (Ruiz) so I had to drop ru and stick with Zi.

Zirev (short for Zi Reviews) is a website where I post my book reviews and sometimes, movie reviews. Occasionally, I post things that are trending in the blogosphere and pop culture. I also feature other interesting things like food, clothing, and thought-provoking stories.

I usually post on the latter half of the month.

You can find me on social media with links on the footer. Else, drop a message at the Contact page.

You can call this website my hobbit hole.

Guest posts are accepted. If you have a Gmail and want to post in Zirev, go to my Contact page.

I made the template for this website. If you would like for me to design your website (Blogger or self-hosted Wordpress), feel free to message me so we can strike a deal.

I'm not active much in most social media but I'm a social media addict (I read a lot on my news feed and I collect accounts even if I don't use them). Because of my regret that I didn't get a top-level username for major social media (that is [first name][surname]; in my case, liezlruiz) when I had the chance (like no one ever used it yet), I make accounts all over the Internet just so I could use a top-level username for every social medium out there.

Anyhow, here's my major social media personal accounts (take note I have different social media accounts for Zirev all over the site; these personal accounts are mostly empty for now):

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