I'm Liezl Ruiz and you can call me Zi or Zero (I rather insist). For 13 years, I used to go by Ziru, a code name that I used for a PE class that has stuck with me since my then classmates would refer to me by that name outside of said PE class. People thought that I was a weeaboo and complained that there's no syllable zi in the Japanese language (I used to watch my way with too much anime). Others thought I was a koreaboo (with the K-pop explosion). In fact, Ziru is a male Chinese name. I don't want to be mistaken for anything. Ziru is simply an anagram of my surname (Ruiz) so I had to drop ru and stick with Zi to get rid of ugly assumptions. Well, I do love being mistaken as Zero. Zero sounds cool. I should have chosen that. You can call me Zero too.

Zirev is short for Zi Reviews. It is where I post my book reviews and sometimes, movie reviews. Occasionally, I post things that are trending in the blogosphere and pop culture. I also feature other interesting things like food, clothing, and thought-provoking stories, whatever struck my mood.

Zirev is my hobbit hole. It is a place where I can express myself. It is something that I can truly call my own, where I get control of the content and the design of the blog since I have no other avenue to tinker on.

Guest posts are accepted. If you have a Gmail and want to post in Zirev, go to my Contact page.