Review Policy

For Book Reviews

I'm a bit selective of the genres of books I read but I'm exploring. Also, I'm the appreciative type but these are the genres I generally prefer:

Fantasy - with Epic Fantasy being my favorite
Science Fiction
Paranormal Romance - Just give me angels. I'm all about fallen angels now.
Horror - my favorite genre in movies
Thriller/Mystery - I'm willing to try venturing with Detectives and Agents.
Urban Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Young Adult Romance
Romance - I'm not much into Contemporary Romance. I find female protagonists of such genre contemptible (it's just me, really). But if you can give me a good cheese, I like the humorous kind like Bedroom Games by Jessica Clare or The Princess Bride by William Goldman. So yeah, historical romance is good too. Well, I was really taken by Love Me With Lies series by Tarryn Fisher (an indie author). For the most part...
Erotica - I could stomach Contemporary Romance when it's on the extreme. So Erotica would be the best bet.
Military - I find Military sexy. Could be Romantic, Historical or Nonfiction.

For Authors

You can file your request via Review Request link. If the genre doesn't fall to any I've listed, if I'm intrigued by the blurb, I will read your book. You will get your request confirmation after I've replied through email. Make sure to include your email in the contact form so I may do so. When I reply, attach your file through the email address I used in replying. If you don't attach your file, then there's no book for me to review. If you opt to email me instead, use this as the subject of your email: Zirev Request: <say anything you want here/>.

In Any Case, For Others

If you want to tell me something, my social links are all over the website. Otherwise, drop a message at the Contact page.

I'm welcome to all kinds of formats.

How I Review

I'm both objective and subjective with my reviews. For the most part, I'm subjective, propelled simply by my emotions.

My reviews tend to be lengthy and informative; information being outside the story, just things that stirs up in my mind and sometimes, personal. So, in no way will someone be able to affect my reviews because I'm honest with my feelings. More often than not, I'd include a quotable quote from the book. I try not to spoil as much as possible but would inadvertently lead one's mind to something about the story. Still, no spoilers.

I welcome all writers, be them published, indie or indie turned published.

I also post my reviews in Goodreads (concise version if possible) with a link back to my site.

I post my review as soon as I finish reading the book. So I apologize for late reviews (if there is such a thing). My to-be-read shelf is brimming.

Review Notification

I'll notify you via email when I made a review of your book live ONLY IF I think my review is worth sharing with you. What's worth sharing? When I give a very positive review. Other than that, it will be too awkward for me to notify you so I may ruin your day. If I do give you a very positive review, I might include in the post links to your social media accounts so prospect readers might follow you.

No Guarantee of Review

There's just no guarantee of me posting a review of your book (unless I got a copy from Netgalley). I'm sure you have some ideas why.