I've noticed in the local radio that instead of playing music, fm stations now became a refuge for love-sick people. People with problems in love now turn to jockeys for answers, from the slightly ridiculous to the borderline insane. Hell, I just thought I might do the same... with that of the jockey. So, if you have any problems that you think I could answer, ask away! Some people have problems that just bottle up inside of them. Things get uglier in time especially if you've got no real friends to tell to or get comfort with. The lack of friends wouldn't have been much of an issue if you can afford a shrink. If you just want to purge your emotions, you can tell me anything. Questions will be answered in a Sunday post which will be headed QAQAQ [pronounced as quack-quack] (Questions Asked Questions Answered Quickly). You'll get your answers from either an angel or a demon or both. No, it’s not what you think. What I mean by this is that there will be an image of either before an answer. A demon represents a nasty answer while an angel represents an answer that does not hurt [much]. Take note that I'm not a professional, just someone bored.

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