The Terminator (1984): Movie Review

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2029 A.D., Earth has fallen against the machines. Remaining lives hide in fear but a few stood fighting, causing the machines to send a Terminator back to 1984 to terminate the life of Sarah Connor and cease the existence of her son, leader of the human resistance. Sergeant Kyle Reese, crossing the world through time must find her first before The Terminator gets to her to bring an end of regaining the planet back to mankind.



If you are just about to watch this film, then you must be aware that this one is just the prequel of many (that is if you haven't even watched a sequel). Then let me tell you this:

So far, there are 3 paradoxes we can observe when it comes to Time Travel. This franchise fell into one of those 3. In simple words, no matter what you do to the past, trying to change things there to alter the future will not generate your intended result. Things will still fall into place the way they should. Your present, which is the future of the past will still be the same one way or another no matter what you do shall you travel back to the past. *Bow.*

The moment that handsome stranger from the future said to Sarah,
I was sent here to protect you.
I just thought to myself, "Damn, I know this was a love story!"

Even before the story progresses, it's so easy to see especially if you're the type who reads Young Adult (YA) books. Take a look at the trophe- a girl whose name suggests to be killed by a machine being followed by a hunk of a man who came from the future and whose objective only he knows. Damn, that's definitely going down the road of romance! What else is there a man to do when you're supposed to be alone with a woman? What could possibly happen when you are supposed to protect her in secrecy from the rest of the world to avoid being caught by a killing machine that is The Terminator?

Have I read this book in the possibility of being written in the perspective of Sarah, I know I'm definitely going to ache for this stranger of a man from the future. I'm going to ache for love. Ok, so much shit for a YA Romantic book, huh?

Sorry, I know you guys want to watch this film because of action. That and because it's quite famous both for action and the apocalyptic thing, and of ROBOTs of course. Not to mention Arnold Schwarzenegger got the world's attention here with his more than Adonis' body. Geeks and dudes alike would love this marvelous Scifi film. And the female body too.

James Cameron, the director of the film really pulled off so many funny scenes. One thing you need to look out for is that dirty talking over the phone. That was quite a hard work for the dude on the phone. And it kind of appear lame on the efforts of that guy. Haha! And Cameron really has a thing for romance (yeah, I keep mentioning that). No wonder Titanic and The Avatar are the two most money-grabbing movies of all time. People has already had quite a taste of his work for pulling the ropes on people's hearts, men and women alike with this film.

Things I learned from this film:
  • CYBORG means Cybernetic Organism.
  • Retroactive Abortion is the act of killing someone to stop the eventuality of giving birth to a VIP, a thing or an idea.
Some Trivia about this film:

I once read an article stating an author's legal plight against the Wachowski brothers (who made The Matrix trilogy; for which one of the brothers is now a she after a successful sex-change surgery - now named Lana) for plagiarism *gasp*. Sophia Stewart, African American author wrote the story of The Matrix in her manuscript that she submitted to Warner Bros. for a new Scifi film but wasn't acknowledged. The article was quite a long one but to cut to the chase, she won the case, taking home millions of dollars. It’s not about the money, she claimed, it’s about justice.

How is this connected to the film?

That author is the very same one who wrote the story of The Terminator. She also won the legal case against the people responsible for this film.

And that just explains why the storyline is great (because the original author was brilliant) and why everything makes sense that it's hard to pinpoint loopholes even if your head swarm with so many questions. So much mind was put into the story. Well, I have to acknowledge the efforts of the ones who edited the story too to help it improve.

Let's take into example why Reese didn't bring any future technology with him. Only naked bodies can be transported into the past. He quipped:
Something about the field generated by living organism. Nothing dead will go.

As to how a cyborg went past into this time travel machine without problems when its body is made up of solid metals, that's because it was surrounded by living tissues. The artificial parts were camouflaged with a human shell. Think of a spherical conductor with so many layers inside it- metal, then hollow and metal again on the shell. It has varying magnetic fields inside but a unified one on the outside. That analogy. And I bow down in worship to the author for the idea.

The Time Displacement Equipment (the time machine) can only take organic things. Hence, advance weaponry can't be brought. This is something similar to The Thing where the alien can only copy organic things. And that's how I spoil a separate movie.

I know that I've revealed quite a lot of things but I don't think I spoiled it. This movie is a very action one so viewers would enjoy the fight and flight. And that's what most are after. I'm not trying to undermine other people's mindset but I'm just trying to make sense of the story here for you to appreciate it.

Dialogues I find funny in arm with the situation at hand (when you catch them in the film, you sure could relate):

Paranoid delusions are intricate, but this is brilliant!
In technical terminology, he's a loon.
Come on! Do I look like the mother of the future?!

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