5 Things I find Icky When Contacting a Website Author

angry mail

Author who sounds rude on her “About Me” page

You might not get polite answers.

Author who uses an edited image of himself which looks really scary

There was this image that I'd love to use and I thought of buying it directly from the author because I just want to use that particular image instead of the whole package where it belongs on the cart. There's no payment option for that single item so there's no way for me to get a deal but to contact the author through email at least. But viewing the author's image gives me the creeps. The author has obvious mastery at editting photos and his choice of editing his own image is not something that I could stomach. My psyche is still troubled today just thinking about it. Of course, I didn't contact the author. It's like contacting Kayako from hell.

I know I'd been a weirdo in school. People are afraid to approach me. After some time of knowing me, even my so-called friends would avoid being around me. I don't mind. I deliberately make myself unapproachable IRL because sometimes I'm either introverted or antisocial. But when you find another weirdo like yourself in the virtual world, things just get weirder. Now, thinking about the past, I'm like one of those problem children most talked about in horror films. I wonder how much trauma I'd caused my classmates back in the days...

When you're guilty, thinking you've offended an author in some ways

Some people would not contact you when they think you've done something wrong. They'd choose to write a snarky post about your offenses on their own websites.

I might be antisocial IRL, but I'm friendly in the internet because I don't want search engines to pull the plug for my website. Basically, I'm emotionally sensitive in the virtual world. Even though I know I haven't done anything wrong, for the slightest thing that I thought I did, I would contact some people and email them an apology.

For my own peace of mind, I always have the guts to email people. What's weird is that I haven't done anything to upset someone that an author's reply treats me (how the tone reads like) as if I'm a very sensitive person that I might get suicidal if s/he doesn't reply to me in a polite manner.

Air-headed Authors

I just don't want to deal with people who think they're the best people in the world. But why is there a need for me to contact them? Unfortunately, I have something I need from them but I just hate it that I could sense their ego bubble.

Author who doesn't reply

After successfully hitting the send button, you'd always wait for an answer. More often than not, you'd feel giddy opening your inbox within hours of sending just to know your message has reached them. Two days later, there's still nothing from the author and you wonder if he's still alive. You even have to install a software in your email that will tell you if someone has opened your email. Still, there's no answer after a week. It's worse than being seen-zoned by a friend on a smartphone text or Facebook message when the person does not even care to open your email.

I know I'm not always online. I also have a major case of absenteeism that I'd be gone for more than a month. I'm deeply sorry for all of those messages I ignore.

For those who don't want people to feel offended when you don't reply to their emails, I suggest you put up a google contact form instead of showing your email address to make things less uncomfortable, just like what I did.

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