Watsons Philippines Online Shopping Review

Watsons Philippines Online Shopping

Every Filipina's favorite go-to beauty store (let's just assume) launched as an online shop recently. I haven't really taken the bait until 11.11 Sale went online. Watsons was pushing for online shopping that only those who would order online could avail of exclusive discounts. So I have no choice but to order online it is.

I haven't downloaded the app yet at the time and tried ordering at the Watsons PH website at https://www.watsons.com.ph using my smartphone through a browser and had lots of failed attempts. I don't want to talk about the nitty-gritty of things, so I'd like to say in conclusion never to shop online this way. Instead, what you have to do is to shop online through either:
  1. On a laptop or a PC and visit watsons.com.ph
  2. On your smartphone through the Watsons app (highly recommended)

Ordering online is quite straightforward and it's much advantageous if you are a Watsons member (you can buy a card on a physical Watsons store). When registering online through the app, it is imperative to fill out every box for the Address. For unit number (the first box to be filled), I just put Blk. (which stands for block) since we don't have a specific unit, and then filled out the rest of the boxes (for Street name, Village, Barangay, City, Zip Code).

After registration, you can now start shopping!

After putting your items on a cart, you can then proceed to Checkout where you could choose 2 delivery methods: A) Home Delivery or B) Click & Collect.

Click and Collect means choosing the nearest physical Watsons store and collecting your package there.

As for payment methods, Cash on Delivery, Use of Debit/Credit card, and Bank Transfers are available.

Anyhow, my package arrived after 5 days (and I'm from Cebu). And this is how my package looks like:
Watsons Philippines Online Shopping Review
 The courier note that sits on top of the box:
Watsons Philippines Online Shopping Delivery

I opted using Paymaya for my payment method (as a debit Mastercard) and Home Delivery. Receiving my items was a breeze. I didn't have any hiccups. The problem was I was alarmed when 5 hours after ordering, my order history looks like this in the app:
Watsons Philippines Online Shopping Review

I mean, come on, I haven't received my package yet, why is it already "Order Completed". But anyway, don't fret. As you can see, my package did arrive. And just like any online shop, you would get a text when your delivery is ready.

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