A Playboy's Guide to Life

How to become a Playboy
How to become a playboy: A silly post inspired by reading contemporary romance novels.

Playboy [noun]: A man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure

I am easily taken by a contemporary romantic book when at the very beginning, the male protagonist is described as someone I would drop my panties for. And why am I talking about being a playboy? It's because most of them are. Such men with smokin' hot looks and smooth moves making 'em simply irresistible. Who among the girls won't turn their heads upon seeing one (and won't fall prey into their arms in a single night)? If you're a guy who stumble upon this post, you better follow my guide if you want to become a successful playboy. Here's a guide on how a playboy is shaped into one:

Be dominant.

It just is imperative that playboys are dominant. I can't say anything much to that. But just remember, Rule Number One: Playboys are Dominant.

Be smooth.

You could be a smooth talker or you act smooth.

The last thing that you should give is your heart.

You can always please women. You smile. You talk. You kiss. Then you share your bodies. You give her all sorts of materials that she could ever need— huge house, a lot, a condominium unit, a car. Or cars. Many clothes and diamonds perhaps. You could give her almost everything. Well, almost.

Almost everything... for a woman can always tell when you only want her body. She can sense that you may be into her, but not really into her. She can tell when you are not with her when you are there. She then leaves (hoping against hope that you'd run after her) but then you forget. Emotionally. For what she needs the most is your heart, for you to want and need her like the way she does for you (except perhaps if she's only after your money). And the diamond she wants is not just any fancy gem but one that will make her walk down the isle. This is one weapon you have. Guard your heart and it will be very easy for her to leave the door once you go weary with her. And then, it's all over.

Guard your heart. It is the wellspring of life.
-Proverbs 4:23

Your greatest weapon is your looks.

How hard can it be to grab a woman's attention with your come-hither looks alone?

A woman will always ask herself just so what's into you that you change her system. If she knows you a bit, she'd think that it's maybe because you're good in playing the piano or that you are intelligent and above all, rich. But not really. When you first walked through that door as she lays her eyes on you, she was smitten. Your looks made it all happen. Was it your eyes? Your sensual lips? Your tall physique? Your huge built? Whatever. It's definitely your looks.

So take good care of your body and your face and all will be well. Go regularly to the gym to keep your body toned and strut it especially in your birthday suit. And your face. Especially your face. Your smile can disarm anyone, even a grumpy old woman. With you just looking with your smoldering eyes, you can get a female's body wet. She'd want you deep inside her. Know your physical assets well and use it to get want you want. In any case, just be sexy~!

Riches attract everyone.

What's with dirty old men? And why are they chick magnets?

Money. They're filthy rich that they can grab tall sexy pretty women into their arms. And beds. Women always want to be secure with their lives. They want to live in a way that they can have all that they want. Well, pretty much not everything though. They just don't want to starve, feel cold during winter, get so tired after a long day's work. Life is hard to sustain. Women want their needs answered.

So when an old man comes along, screw love. His ugly looks will not upset her so long as she can have her material things and she can get by the day. Surely, everyone wants to have a luxurious life. Caution though: Since they love money, you should be careful not to be taken ill. So go and work hard to get rich and you can attract all sorts of women even in your old age.

Research shows that even without the looks, the moment a girl knows you generate a huge income, your market value increases. And so does your attractiveness.

Your achievements will validate you as a great person.

Ever wonder why those men appearing on the cover in a glossy magazine ever get chased by women? The mere fact that they were featured in a magazine means that they have something to brag, something that a woman could be proud of. So do your best to make yourself an achiever so that even if the media won't brag about you, when you approach a girl you can have something to brag about yourself. And who knows that could be a start with her. Not only that, the whole town would look up to you as if with a crown upon your head.

Moreover, even if you have the looks and the body but you couldn't do anything, problem is, sooner or later you will get insecure about yourself even if you already had the best woman in town. Why? Deep inside when the woman is far more better than you are, you get intimidated. And that's your alpha instincts kicking in. You know male machismo, right? You just can't get lose to anyone. Even with your very own girl. So please, refrain yourself from having such bad feelings for being such a sour loser.

Be a jock.

Well, most girls are choosy. Have you noticed why most jocks had the popular girls back in school? Aside from the looks, they got the err... swagger. Not the clothes swag, but the bragging rights. You see, when you're an athlete, people see you as strong. And as someone strong, girls could cozy up to you for protection. And you know that during the old times, even during the hunter and gathering age, the handsome ones are the strong ones. Or rather, the strong ones are the handsome ones. They are the survivors in the predation era. No, rather they are the predators. And when you are strong, people would look up to you. And perhaps, with more glory, they'd look up to you like a god. And being athlete with all the medals and trophies could guarantee you a ticket to a girl's pants.

In short, just be confident while making sure you have something to be confident about.

But what about the other ones? The not-jocks? The nerds? And pretty much everybody else? Well, maybe in school they aren't popular. But the honor students are. While in the earlier life they weren't visible, in real life, they are bigger. So...

Be intelligent.

Well, you should have wished that before you were even conceived, you would be born bright.

In biology, intelligence is a dominant gene. Unfortunately, even a dominant allele is rare. And the proof of that? Not all are born intelligent.

So in the bigger picture, who get to be the richest people in the world? In the upper 5% among the rich, they're the genius ones. Bill Gates, ring a bell? How about Mark Zuckerberg? They maybe dropouts, but still they are dropouts from Harvard! Need I say more? They may not be playboys, but sure women are dying to have a hold of them. How about Steve Jobs? He was then physically hot in his youth but sure he got famous with his product, Apple with all the i-ish releases. Even in death he still monopolizes the market.

And hell yeah, turns out being the best at computers and programming guarantees a sure spot at being the richest man in the world. With what these tycoons could do, I'd say...

Have something that you know you really are good at.

Be talented.

With the lack of money in his youth, Steve Jobs dropped out of college. But sure he didn't quit school without knowing where to go. He knows what he's good at. Together with his business partner who is another Steve, they started to conquer the world. They become a visionary that when you get hold of their products now, it's as if you get a certification of being rich.

Any Idea? My clues: Surfing, Painting, Music, Vlogging, Chess, Singing, Dancing or perhaps, Collecting Stamps.

Be diligent.

There's a saying,
Talent is nothing next to hard work.

One way to beat up something, I mean, beat someone is through training... hard training. If you keep improving yourself, even in looks or something you are working, you'd be far better than the gifted ones. "You reap what you sow", as the adage goes. So if you think you have nothing, think hard. Know what you can do and work it out with your best. With passion firing, you could be everything.

If you have the talent to get you started, turn that talent into skill. For if you are skillful, those diligent ones trying to beat you off would have nowhere to go against you.

Be in control.

Be in control with your life with the people around you. Nuff said. Besides, you're an Alpha Male, remember? Oh, you didn't know that? What's Rule Number One? Just remember one thing (aside from Rule Number One): Respect.

You respect others, they'll respect you back.

Respect is earned. You'll get it when you deserve it.

Shall you compete with the other Alpha Males or even your buddies, just celebrate that you're in a beautiful brotherhood. And I would like to find your hideout.

In life, use what you know.

Just use what you know. Especially that you know so well or even less. You know your body? Then use it! If you know how to do this and do that, then just do it. Nike.

Moreover, you should know your limitations, your weaknesses and strengths. If you know you can't go deeper inside I mean under the water, then don't be stubborn. Something could burst... your head or your heart. There's too much pressure under water when you go diving. I'm talking Scuba. Don't be too much. You might be thinking that you're making an impression towards that girl or those girls watching. But please don't make impression into embarrassment, potency to lame, glory to shame. Here goes the saying,
Turn your weaknesses into your strength.

As how to do that, you do it in your me-time, when you're alone... talking to yourself, facing your issues and reflecting. Or you go training.

Be a badass.

I don't mean for you to be a jerk. I mean that you should be able to defend yourself and fight back shall enemies strike (like thieves). It's always a turn on to girls when a guy knows how to fight. You don't want your girl to be the one protecting you, right? So buy all those gears and uniform and train yourself to be a warrior or else, they'll get their fist in your face first. Enroll yourself in martial arts classes, or learn how to shoot with a gun and soon, you'll be shooting inside a girl. Ooops!

Martial arts to consider: Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, Wushu, Muai Thai, Tricking (mixed)

Be healthy!

Having that fit body does not equal to being healthy. Being sexy is never enough. What you really need is a healthy body that will get you by in the long run. Oh sure, everybody does want to get old. A playboy is not an exception.

A woman would never want to get laid with a date who'd keep sputtering in his food. Nor would she want to get kissed by someone with cold sores on his lips. So take good care of your body, and you'd not feel any better.

Be adventurous.

It's always a major turn on to a woman when she knows you're a dauntless type. Sports to consider: Triathlon, Mountain Climbing, Wall Climbing, Skydiving, Marksmanship to mention a few.

There's always a reason why Navy SEALs or Intelligence Agents as heroes in romantic books always sell to the ladies. Besides, when you're an adventurous person, there's an unwritten rule that you're also adventurous when you hit the sheets with your gal.

Have the Strategy.

If you have to lie your way just so you could crawl into a woman's body, then do your part. If you're the crass type, then pretend to be a gentleman around the woman you're preying (or women: the more the merrier).

Heartless? Then you could pretend to be a compassionate guy to the poor (doing charities is always pleasing to a woman). You could even pretend that you care about the woman that you still want to keep as of press time.

Sometimes, you could also exaggerate your deeds. Just make sure that you and your girl don't have a mutual friend that will spill your beans.


Master the Rules. Then play around.

There are so many rules in life. We are under the reins of all sorts of laws—be it divine, natural or human laws. Just make sure to master the human laws so you'll know the way out shall trouble arise. Besides, mastery could give you power over others so escaping will never be an option.

But as a playboy, what rules are we talking about?

How to get rich? Master the rules of the company or how to build your own company. How to get a girl? Master the rules to get to a woman's heart... or pants if that's what you're after. You'll know it. Listen to your bodies, I mean buddies. If you still want to know the rules to get to a woman's heart, it's not in the scope of this guide. Duh! But how to escape a girl? Same thing. Mastery.

To get you started with Mastery, search for The 48 Laws of Power.

I've been racking my brain, and those are what I could muster. So, to the aspiring playboy, are you up for the challenge?

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