Fascinating Password and Hint Combinations for Windows

Honestly, if someone steals your laptop, passwords don't really matter. One can always reformat the OS.

To ward off wayward siblings from touching my laptop every time I leave it alone open (because of downloading things), my gadget must always be locked. I really don't like putting passwords in my computer since I find typing letters every time I open it way too time-consuming especially right after booting up. But putting up password seems like a necessity that you can't help not to avoid. I always choose to use 5-letter words since it's short enough and there are a variety of words to choose from. And these are some password and hint combinations I've come up for Windows.

Read the password hints first and try to guess the password (5-letter word).

Puberty hits him like a

Straight as an

What girls do in facebook

I'm so angry!!!

Scary creature who thinks he is funny

Leering old man who always stares at you when you walk by his house

WWII's nuts

The usual talking dog

Thinks owner worships it

Miley loves to

Home of genius

Boarding the Nopetrain to arrive at Nope

It's a gift that's why it's called present

Has access to all secret places in your body

What you do when you tag someone in a tag game

Okay, taking it to the naughty level

It's very hard

When you want to hump, you drop your

Want to get down and get

Girls be like: Me gusta

Bathe with your

What they do in the sleazy train

According to the internet, men's favorite

For Game of Thrones Fans:

The last hearth

Real-life Shrek Prince Charming

It gathers and now my watch begins

Stop hodoring,

Tyrion's first wife

He doesn't shit gold after all

Father of friendzone

Slaves' mother

Stupid girl with stupid dreams who never learns

No birdie but with little birds

He has 'The Fingers'

Tywin's bane

How many hells are there in Westeros?

First conqueror of Westeros

Loves to ride horses

Arya's god

So those are what I came up with. Anything I could add? Comment below!

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