9 Athletes who died in their 20s during their careers in 2014

Athletes who died in their career 2014

The year has not ended yet but it seems I'm wrapping this kind of thing up already. Why? It's because it's just heart-breaking! And I'm not hoping of hearing (or reading if you must) such tragic news until this year ends.

It's just saddening.. you open your browser and you read the news about people with such passion in sports who died at such a very young age. Just playing there in the field, living the life of their dreams and bam! Something happens and the light in their life turns into a dark tunnel. Their families are left to grieve, teammates breaking, fans crying and for the likes of me who just happen to read the news are just left shattered all the same. Life has so much to offer and it just ended for them abruptly. Pardon me, I can't help it. It's just...


While it's very sad, let's remember and commemorate the young athletes who died in their 20s during their careers this year.


source: telegraph.co.uk

Philip Hughes

This is what graced the news the other day. This Australian batsman in the field of Cricket died at age 25. He was struck on the top of the neck by a delivery from bowler Sean Abbott. He never gained consciousness after he was hit and was intensively treated in the hospital. But after his extensive surgery, he'd shown no improvement for 48 hours and silently passed away.


source: foxsports.com

Oscar Traveras

This one is even younger. While he didn't die while playing in the field, Outfielder Oscar Traveras died at age 22 in a car accident while driving a Chevrolet Camaro with his girlfriend. He lost control of his expensive car which ran off a curve and hit a tree. Guys, just because you have lots of money, please don't buy sophisticated cars that you can't manage. Even professional car racers claim they couldn't handle some complicated cars.

Professional Cycling

source: dailymail.co.uk

Kristof Goddaert

27-year-old Kristof Goddaert died during a training in Antwerp when he was struck by a bus after falling from his bike.

Motorcycle Racing

source: bikesportnews.com

Simon Andrews

This 29-year-old English rider died after sustaining injuries at North West 200 motorcycling races in Northern Ireland.


Timothy Cathcart

This 22-year-old competitor lost control of his car which left the road and crashed while taking part in Todds Leap Ulster Rally.

source: usatoday.com

Kevin Ward Jr.

After his car took a spin, 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr. scrambled out of his car to confront his fellow racer Tony Stewart at a yellow. Tony Stewart hit him which sent him flying a few dozen feet away. [A friendly reminder: even when you're pissed, when you're in the track, please don't approach oncoming vehicle] You can find the footage that went viral which was deemed potentially offensive or graphic on Youtube.


As a fan of football who didn't have much sleep during the World Cup this year, here are some deaths which I find really ridiculous post-World Cup. No offense but I'm just being honest here. If you read the headlines you'd be confused whether to be sad or laugh hysterically.

source: goal.com

Akli Fairuz

27-year-ol Forwarder Akli Fairuz died after colliding with the opposing goalkeeper, taking a boot to his body during Indonesian Premier League match. He was even substituted and managed to watch the game on the sidelines. It was then later found out in the hospital after taking himself for the worse that he had a bladder leakage and died some days later.

source: bbc.co.uk

Albert Ebossé Bodjongo

25-year-old Cameroonian footballer Albert Ebossé died after being hit by a projectile while leaving the pitch. Following after his team's loss during an Algerian Championship, fans were outraged and hurtled objects towards the players.

source: thebiglead.com

Peter Biaksangzuala

This 22-year-old Indian midfielder died after celebrating a goal with a somersault that went wrong (trying to copy Kroos?). He landed awkwardly with his neck and suffered through a spine injury and never recovered in the hospital before dying.

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