Infographic: Soldiers and Families Serving in the USA and around the Globe

With so many threats lurking in every corner of the world, armed forces have become necessary. The Military served as the protector of the nation against these threats. Without the Military, a country is susceptible to dangers such as terrorism or other nations trying to invade and perhaps, enslave its citizens. Their presence also signify peace within a country as they are the aggressors' oppressors.

The USA Military is by far the most notable military organization in the world known as the U.S. Armed Forces. The US Armed Forces fulfill unique and crucial roles, defending the US against all adversaries while serving the Nation as a bulwark and the guarantor of its security and independence, as written in the Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States. The US Armed Forces are comprised of five armed service branches namely: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Furthermore, the US military is basically categorized into 3: active duty, reserve and guard forces, not to mention retirees and veterans. This Infographic will show you the demographic of active duty members and their families both in the USA and around the Globe.

Here are just some interesting and fun fact (and unfactual comments):
  • The Army boasts the biggest number of active duty members of about 550,000 (I've read in lots of forums that they are called soldiers and the Marines would never associate themselves with the word soldier. Marines are Marines and the Army, Soldiers).
  • California is the state with the highest active military population (let's digress: no wonder most of the erotica books I read are set in California and involve Navy personnel).
  • With the exception of the Coast Guard, at least 40% of the members of each military branch have not tied the knot... yet (So ladies, you still have a huge chance of snagging the military man of your dreams!).  
  • There are more than 700 U.S. Military bases outside of the U.S. Show/Hide Comment
  • There are 202,876 Women in the U.S. Department of Defense Active Duty Force (and yet, female soldiers are noncombatant).
Despite some ugly comments, the US Armed Forces are still some people that deserve respect and praise. They might not be the heroes some of us need but they're heroes still.

A Military of Many:

US Armed Forces Military Demography Infographic An infographic from the team at the Quicken Loans Zing Blog.

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