Dreams, Fiction and Me by Agostino Scafidi

Dreams, Fiction and Me by Agostino Scafidi Book Review
Genre: Paranormal
Author: Agostino Scafidi
Date Published: July 14, 2014
Publisher: Self-published
Size: 127
Edition: eBook
ISBN13: 9780993665929


Available exclusively via the author's online store (in all major digital formats) http://agostinoscafidi.bigcartel.com

A collection of short stories based entirely on dreams the author recorded in his journal. Over a period of almost three months he used techniques learned from various sources (Castaneda, Thelema, Occultism) to record his dreams. The author goes into detail about this process in the Introduction. Mixing fiction with the journal entries, intent on entertaining the reader as well as heightening awareness of the role of dreams in our lives, here is Dreams, Fiction and Me. A paranormal fiction suitable for all ages.

I got a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

What I noticed with most stories or rather, entries of the author's dream journal is that his dreams are so realistic which says a lot about the author. What I mean with this is that his mindset is very grounded to reality. He never wandered off to different places with different scenarios say as an elf in a fantasy world like Middle Earth or as a celestial body drifting into space affected by the gravities of other celestial bodies in a galaxy far away or perhaps, a tyrant king in the medieval period, or an alien in an alien world. He's just himself in his dream which makes me think that he's very rooted to himself. While that is good (showing how much he knows himself so much, clear concept of oneself), the book failed my expectations gravely.

It's not the author's fault. I'm just expecting too much. And because I have such high expectations, I would admit I was really bored. To me, there's not much imagination in this book.

Still, the book was interesting. The author's response in different scenarios he's put through in his dreams shows his wisdom. Though as a reader, I would have been more entertained had he gone to a different route. Because as a lucid dreamer, that's what I do. I let everything out! No frills and no inhibitions.

Overall, I think it would have been better if the author changed his approach. Even though the stories were derived from his dreams and already have a fictional touch upon writing, they all still look like the kind of stories which you'd read straight from a diary. The author should have made the story feel like you're reading a novel since he's unto it already.

TBH, the narration is so stoic, as if the story is told by a grade schooler who just happens to be able to write with correct grammar. The author doesn't know how to set some mood for each story. Well, at least to me. You might have a different take upon reading.

I think I'll go over this book chapter by chosen chapter, like some psychological analysis by an amateur. Take note: I'm writing a per chapter review after reading a chapter. So here it goes:

Don't Let the Fangs Fool You

Some psychoanalysts said that your frustrations in life show in your dreams. When you miss someone, when you want to get in touch with friends whom you haven't seen for ages or when you feel betrayed by someone, when these emotions either get too strong or just sit there at the back of your head, they'd manifest in your dreams and your subconscious will take over... only when you allow it. Lucid dreaming grants you the power to face and control these kind of dreams.

Chapter One: There's this pure projection with a bully. The author felt bad towards the other character involved since he felt that he's been taken for granted by this person. They haven't been in contact with each other and suddenly now, the man was opposite him in the coffee table, mocking him. I'm seeing the other guy's action of smacking his tea as an excuse so the author may have the reason to fight back. Or on the subconscious level, a reason for the author so he could finally hurt that other person. It's always about this subconscious perpetrating scenarios so you as a consciousness could exact whatever you deem could be justice. It's in a dream so everything should be safe (not answering to Physical Laws). Have I been the author, I would have already stabbed the guy with the steak knife. But instead, he held his ground and chose the better way. Pft.

Chapter Two: So it seems to me that the author was too emotionally involved with this person. Does he have an inferiority complex while with the presence of this other guy? Anyway, a different scenario commences.

Chapter Three: Maybe the author is a bit obsessed with this person like Cady realized about Regina towards the end of the film, Mean Girls.

Darkness Masquerading as Promise:

Things are getting interesting. Possible scenario: Uhm, think where you'd usually associate chains and collar, with little or no clothing at all (in black) or so I thought...

It's not Zombies:

Finally, an action type of story! I'm liking his dreams already!

The Things A Good Washing Can Do For You:

Seems childish but a really adorable story. All you would say is "Aw..." This is the best.

Let’s See How Far This Will Go:

Chapter One: Finally, the author has let it go! But only in theory. Did he do it in this dream? Come on, it's a dream, why not author?

No One Left Behind

Finally, a military dream! And involving characters from a tv series too! Way to go!

Leading the Donkey to Disappointment

I have come to conclude that the author has this deep-seated sense of wanting to belong at something.

You've Got to Show Some Guts

Laurence Fishburne as a Federal Agent chasing the author FTW! Author entered level 2 of lucid dreaming: being able to create an energy field (unless someone else created that field in the dream)

It All Comes Out On The Road I think author has serious issues when it comes to friendship.

Yes, I've written this review too long. But if I were to be rude: I would have written only 2 sentences: "I was struggling reading this book. I didn't enjoy it." For every sentence I read, I just want it all to end. This is one of the rare cases where I long to finish the book just to end my suffering. I read it until the end just to see if there's any development. I only got disappointment. In all honesty, I would have put this in the DNF (did not finish) pile.

English is not my first language and I still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to idioms. Sometimes, when I get to use one in a sentence, I feel so triumphant! Reading this book, I discovered at least 30 idioms used by the author. While the usage alone would make me be amazed by someone who could wield it perfectly in a sentence, unfortunately even such skill didn't do well for the author to me. The narration was too boring for the idioms to compensate for the writing. At the first 10 pages of the book, I initially thought of giving it a 4 but by the end, it's only a

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