Zalora Philippines Review + Voucher Code is the leading online shopping site in Southeast Asia. It's focus is on fashion. Offering top brands like Mango, Rayban, Material Girl, Nike, Levis, River Island, Jansport and so many local brands (Philippines), shopping was never been fun and easier when you just sit at home, click on your browser and wait for your order to come. Bringing insights on global fashion trends, small and relevant local brands are also featured.

Zalora is available in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand with an extensive collection of over 500 brands.

For new customers:

Why ZALORA is amazing:

  • The website has an outstanding user interface. The navigation is very clear and the sleek black and white motto is pleasing to the eyes.
  • The way each product is displayed is just awesome! For clothing, beautiful models wear the clothes with different perspectives for prospect buyers to observe. There's even a video where the model struts with the item of clothing.
  • There are lots of items on sale every month!
  • Shipping is free if you reach the required amount (₱995 in the Philippines).
  • You can pay through Cash on Delivery.
Zalora Philippines Voucher Code
So, this was the dress I'd like to buy.
  • If you're not too sure on the size of the item that you're going to buy, the site has this FIT VISUALIZER where you get to compare the size of the item with an item you already have. This is very important to me as I don't have average size.
Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

Say, you want to buy a dress but you don't know if the size you want will fit you. Now, grab a dress that you own, get a tape measure (tailor's tape) and measure the bust of the dress (flat across the bust, never around) and the length. Enter the details in the box and then click "Add your item".

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

You will be shown the differences of the sizes. On the left part, click "Suggest Size" to get the size that may be perfect for you. As you can see below, when my bust is concerned, XS fits me perfectly!

I'm from the Philippines and I ordered my items on the eve of Thursday. They can ship items on the same day on Metropolitan areas (Metro Manila and Metro Cebu) if the order is made before 12 noon but will usually take 1-3 days for delivery to arrive and 5-7 days for provinces. So in theory, I could have received my order on Saturday. But because of an oncoming supertyphoon Ruby (International name: Hagupit), in preparation for it, Zalora suspended their Visayas operations. Though the supertyphoon reduced to just being a typhoon, the national government suspended some operations until Monday too (and some commercial establishments followed suit). In the end, I received my orders on Tuesday which was yesterday.

I chose Cash on Delivery (COD) for my order which came in a 16.51cm x 22.86cm x 8.89cm box:

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

The delivery man has to open the box upon arrival so I may check for any missing item or damage of items. The box looks so elegant and I love how the seal looks so personalized!  Just look at the font used for my name:

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

Upon opening, a black Zalora envelop was included. Inside was a flyer (promoting on how to become a Brand Ambassador), a Customer Copy of the delivery, and an Order Return Slip (there's a 30-Day Free Return or Exchange Service).

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

That small pouch there is a pair of stainless steel earrings by Imono Jewelry. It looks as good as how I imagined it to be.

There's no doubt that Zalora's services are great. They're fast and efficient.

But it's entirely different when it comes to the dress I ordered.

I was happy and at the same time disappointed with the dress. Good thing, I compared the look of the dress from other Zalora websites (like Singapore and Hong Kong) on Saturday that I was not taken by the blow. You see, from the Philippine site portal, the dress looks CARMINE in color. I was stupid to believe the picture when it was clear in the description that the color is WINE. Still, if photos with precise colors are available, why mislead people in putting up pictures of different shade?

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

As it turns out, I ordered a dress from Hong Kong!

That is another matter btw, I have other issues later for which Zalora is not at fault.

So this is my dress:

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

And this is how the metal collar looks from the inside (golden in color):

Zalora Philippines Voucher Code

So here are my issues: It's as if there's no quality control in making the dress (referring to the reverse side). There are lots of excess threads on the hems (I never encountered this on my other dresses). This can be fixed by looping the excess by hand and cutting them off after. But the bigger problem would be the broken threads along the hem especially on the back of the dress where the zipper is. And being a halter top with a ribbon design on the back, there are too many hems that need fixing. This time, I think I have to manually stitch.

Something Borrowed Dress Problem

This was the review of the dress that I submitted to the website:

You should pay attention to details. The description says that this dress is colored "wine". That's what you should expect, not what you see in the picture.

The dress looks simple but the design is both elegant and gorgeous! It feels so comfortable upon wearing, you need not concern yourself with how you should move.

The metal collar concept is just out-of-the-box and it's what makes this dress special. And the ribbon at the back is oh-so-lovely! The tactile quality of the fabric is just right for a flowy swing dress and it feels durable but the lack of hemming on the seams at some parts of the reverse side of 2 layers of fabric is a bit alarming. I accidentally stretched some of these seams when I checked the dress for the first time and the outer layer fabric unravelled so easily that I had to manually hem those parts.

There's a great difference between a top brand and an ordinary brand. I never thought Something Borrowed will be such a disappointment to me. I see lots of dresses by that brand being recommended by Cosmopolitan magazine in the fashion section. The dresses are really expensive which is just apt especially with such elegant and intricate designs. But why am I complaining?

Will this stop me from buying Something Borrowed products? Definitely NOT. Their designs are way too beautiful for me to pass. Besides, just by the tactile quality of the dress, I can tell that the material is durable.

So why did I want to buy the dress? I was trying to achieve Mikan Sakura's looks when Natsume kissed her for the first time!

DeviantArt by xybolic
It was never my intention to buy that particular dress. I have something else in mind (Neo Prene Cut In Fit & Flare by Something Borrowed still). The problem is, in the Philippine website, the stock ran out for that particular dress. Browsing the website more, I encountered this supposedly carmine dress that reminded me of Alice Gakuen's Mikan.

As to why I'm not opting for a return?

Irregardless of my issues, I'm still feeling high for my dress! It's small wonder why I don't want to return it. I'm feeling too good putting it on.

If you register your e-mail address to Zalora's mailing list, you will have a discount of ₱250 from your first purchase. But if you enter my promo code below (valid for first purchase of new customers only), you will get a 15% storewide discount (applicable on discounted items!). Imagine if your first purchase sums up to ₱3000, then you'll have ₱450 off!

Voucher Code: ZBAPZZLE


  1. do i still need to pay for the shipping fee if i would want to return my parcel back to ZALORA?

    1. No, they have a free return policy within 30 days since you received your parcel. The return form (with your order control number) comes with the package. You can drop your parcel at an LBC branch near you.

  2. This is not nice, I shop before at and the item that I received was handled carefully. Even in shopee. What's wrong with zalora's items?


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