10 Best Horror Films: Group of Friends Killed in an Unfamiliar Territory or Cabin in the Woods

If you have the patience (or that bizarre fascination) of watching a group of kids or adults fall into demise in a remote area or a cabin in the woods because of some ill-luck circumstance, here's a list for you.

Dead Snow (2009)


A group of medical students on a ski trip to Oksfjord, Norway for their Easter vacation come upon the horrors of the Nazi regime that should have been buried long ago. Reckless of them to neglect research on the mountain they're hoping to enjoy, it has been plagued by a presence of evil as told by a shady stranger who visited their cabin. An army of Nazi who were able to escape the wrath of the avenging civilians had sought refuge in that very cold mountain during the WWII, taking with them stolen goods they deem precious. They should have been long forgotten as time flies by. But they didn't die of starvation as the locals hope, rather they morphed into a living dead thing that still thrive. So the group is seeking fun and adventure. Hell, they'll be in the highest kind of adventure in their lives.

Cabin in the Woods (2012)

A group of friends opt for a break in the mountains where they will be staying at a remote cabin in the woods. Unbeknownst to them, each room contains different kinds of evil waiting for them to unfold. They are subject to something beyond their control. Beneath the cabin is a laboratory facility that monitors evil monsters in this world. From white ladies, poltergeist, zombies, to basilisks– underground, all evil is contained. The five of them represent something ancient. Their fates are within their hands, evil bounds depending on the items they choose to open, secrets they choose to unlock and how they deal with them.

Wrong Turn (2003)

A doctor running late for an interview sought for a shortcut when his car crashed onto a van in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, a group of friends set their own trip and got their vehicle stuck in the middle of the road. With no other medium of transportation to be on their way, they all decided to hike to the main road hoping to find a working phone. What they didn't know was that they were set for a trap in a cannibal-laden forest.

Kill Theory (2009)

A man cut loose the breaking rope to save himself from a rock-climbing mishap that in turn killed all 3 of his friends from the fall. After being released from the mandatory mental rehab, his doctor prescribed to him another year of mandatory visits for his assessment. "No one would do the same thing that you did," was what his judge-assigned shrink told him. Now he is set to prove his theory otherwise with a handful of soon-to-be college graduates in a 50-mile isolated home.

Evil Dead (2013)

Mia is to utter her vows never to hit weed again after she almost died from her last OD. With the help of her brother, his girlfriend and their friends, she'll make sure that this time, she will really, really quit. The setting is her family's long-abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods where they usually say their vows. Unfortunately, a cult had barged into their cabin some time before and did a ritual in the basement, leaving a strange flesh-jacketed book behind. Upon discovering the book, they also discover the Evil Dead.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

On their way to a concert, what was supposed to be an idyllic summer afternoon for 5 youths turned into horror when they chance upon a broken-looking girl on the road, picked her up in their van hoping to help her but she blew up her head instead with a gun she hid between her legs. With no way through but to report the incident to the police, they stopped by a store where they were directed by an old saleslady to get to an old mill as per instruction by the sheriff on the phone and from the mill, were further directed to a house where a monster awaits them.

Night of the Demons (1988)

Night of the Demons Horror Film
It's Halloween Night! And what better way for kids than to mess and screw around in an abandoned and cursed house where the demons will likely screw them... A foolish movie with equally foolish characters, it's a fascinating if not a comical watch to feast on.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)


A group of people sought shelter in a deserted 2-storey house after rouge assassins hit the town from nowhere. Clearly, this is the black and white predecessor for the story of The Walking Dead, where the living dead roam various states of the USA day and night in a quest of devouring live humans, where the newly dead rise within minutes of death, bitten victims gets to be infected and turn into a shambler sooner and the only way to kill the dead is to arrest the brain.

Cabin Fever (2002)

Cabin Fever Horror Film
A group of friends in a trip to the forest where they were staying in a cabin were attacked by a strange man one night while in a campfire. Unfortunately, this man was caught by a contagious fever the day before and was merely seeking help. Too late, they only knew when one of their own caught the fever. Vying for their survival, they try to escape the forest but with no one to help their case.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Camp Crystal Lake had been a place of misfortune in the past. With death on its toll, it's small wonder it's been tagged as Camp Blood by the nearest town. Now, 18 years later from its last activity, the camp is set to be opened again, with new staff to run the place. Fresh victims are sure going to feed blood to the grounds of the camp before it has a chance to reopen.


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