My Thoughts on Big Hero 6

What do you get when How to Train your Dragon meets Wall-e?

Throw in a cross of an Anbu from Naruto

Kabuki Mask Big Hero 6
This is a kabuki mask

and Dr. Octopus from Spiderman,

Big Hero 6

Fred from Batman,

Big Hero 6

the suit of Iron Man,

Big Hero 6

the Mockingjay logo,

Big Hero 6

the virus machines from The Matrix,

Big Hero 6

then add some generic making of a story full of neophyte superheroes (uhm, clumsy Power Rangers?)

Big Hero 6

and you'll get... tada! Big Hero 6.

Baymax, Big Hero 6

Meet Baymax, a huggable marshmallow robot and the sole reason why this movie sells (very much unlike the animation How to Train your Dragon as being an adult, I'm buying Hiccup too).

Big Hero 6

And now welcome to the land of San Fransokyo where American culture meets Japan. Or is it the other way around? I wonder what country San Fransokyo is from. Ameripan? So basically, that's the setting of the story.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is led by 14-year-old college freshman-to-be Hiro. Which reminds me of my classmates who were just 13-year-olds as freshmen... back in the days before I quit Physics. Ouch! Those kids are good and while they're mature for their age, it's still easy to see that they're way younger than you not because of their looks but just the way they are especially in social interactions (because they lack experience). Unlike Hiro who graduated in high school, about a number of those people I knew skipped even that. I think only 1 skipped preschool and some levels in primary school that's why he experienced high school.

While those youngsters could be shy at first, there's this unique confidence about them because they know they're better than most people, in that they're a genius. But not a single one of them could go on par with Hiro's confidence, not because Hiro is a character from a big-budgeted movie made by the biggest animation studio in the world (Waltz Disney) and basically because he came from a movie, but because Hiro is basically one conceited kid. I know that there are those people whose intellect just go way over their heads. Hiro is one of those. But between socially-awkward Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory tv series) and Hiro, Hiro is basically easier to handle as he's a cool kid. Yeah, I give him that, he's a conceited cool kid.

I TAKE IT BACK! Hiro is not conceited, he's just being a kid who happens to be a genius! If you're a kid who can do so much more, who won't become a punk like Hiro?

I love how the studio handled the other characters in this film. Hiro has an older brother, Tadashi, who's studying at a technologically famous University in the film, San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (I guess you know the inspiration). As an adult, I'd described Tadashi in this manner: he's responsible, he's cool and basically, dreamy. Yeah, Tadashi is dreamy. Kya~! I may not like Hiro but I'm digging his big bro.

Come on, who won't like this guy?

Big Hero 6, Tadashi

And this guy?

Big Hero 6, Tadashi

I know I used the word, basically, basically 7 times already. Sorry about that.

So back to the characters. Tadashi then introduced Hiro to his labmates. By the way, their room in the laboratory at Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab is an epitome of impossibility. It looks unsafe as there are quite a number of people residing in that room with differing fields. There should be segregation. But their school is just amazing, their lab has its own building! Anyway, so back to the characters. The way the other characters treat Hiro is like how typically older people treat way younger students who are in their level of education, like they're used to having accelerated kids and they know just how to deal with them. Or meeting other intellectuals like themselves is a normal thing. In science, age does't matter much more one's beliefs. But the thing is, genius people are always special especially when they're discovered at a young age. For this, the movie was credible.

The movie is fun and just nutball hilarious, but not as funny as a typical comedy. It's a movie for kids of all ages. Because Big Hero 6 is a comedy movie for kids, the plot is very predictable. In short, just don't care about the plot. As an adult, just watch like a kid and you will truly enjoy it.

Among all the other animations I watched, I think this should be the most influential. It's way futuristic and yet tangible. Touching modern life, it should set an inspiration to kids of today to be the best they can be in pursuing the walks of a scientific life (hello future scientists and engineers!). Instead of simply dreaming about becoming a hero or having a success at love, this movie encourages kids to be intelligent (or I might say smart in life) and to take education seriously. Hiro might be the kind of kid that will intimidate other kids but as a character, he was given justice right to the very end.

Big Hero 6

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