15 Game of Thrones Predictions and Fan Theories

When I made my predictions for A Song of Ice and Fire series, I was half serious (like the first 5) and half kidding (the remaining half just to make a list of 10). If you want to know more of various fans theories for The Game of Thrones, here's a list which I scoured from Quora (thanks mostly to Alexandre Coninx):

R + L = J

This is the theory saying that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark had a son. And that son is none other than Jon Snow. When Dany went to the Tower of the Undying, she had visions. When asking for the other heads of the 3-headed dragon, one of the images shown is that of a blue rose.

Lyanna is associated with pale blue roses (it's known in Westeros that they're her favorite). Her death bed was covered with blood where she was surrounded by pale blue roses. Before she died, she made Ned Stark (her elder brother) keep her a promise. As to what that promise is, fans conspired that it was to keep Jon (her son with Rhaegar) safe and that Ned will raise him as his own son. Her bloody bed was a sign of giving birth.

Moreover, on the second last chapter of a Dance with Dragons, Jon Snow dreamed of a battle against the White Walkers and wights whilst he commands the Wildlings. In that dream, his blade burned red in his fist. It's a sign that he could make Longclaw a Lightbringer and that he could be the prince that was promised, Azor Ahai come again.

Stemming from the above theory, Longclaw will become the legendary Lightbringer.

If Melisandre will realize it (that Jon Snow is a dragon), she will help Jon Snow fulfill his role and it will involve the ritual of turning his bastard sword into becoming the Lightbringer.

The High Septon in Kings Landing is Howland Reed; the last person alive to have the knowledge of R+L=J.

Unknown to himself, Aegon (young griff that Tyrion met) is a Blackfyre pretender and not Rhaegar and Elia's son.

It's for this reason that he got the Golden Company's support so easily. Also, Quaite has warned Daenarys of the "mummer's dragon" which is highly likely be Aegon

Varys is a Blackfyre and the reason why he supports Aegon.

Tyrion is a Targaryen, the son of Mad King and Joanna Lannister (Tywin knows this).

It is for this reason that Tyrion would frequently dream about dragons more than any one in Westeros and apart from his wit and his Lannister blood, the reason why Varys would want for him to meet Daenarys.

Coldhands was The Night's King (Brandon Stark) who was dethroned after he gave his "seed" to a female White Walker.

Well, I'd rather think that Coldhands was Brandon Stark and this female White Walker's son.

The novice Alleras at the Citadel is actually Sarella Sand, a woman and a one of the Sand Snakes.

Nymeria Sand was described to have widow's peak just like her father had. Alleras was also described to have widow's peak. There's no doubt she's one of Oberyn's own.

The Knight of the Laughing Tree was Lyanna Stark in disguise.

Ser Arthur Dayne survived the showdown at the Tower of Joy and is still alive.

Euron Greyjoy did not actually sail to Valyria, but got his eye, dragonbinder horn and other treasures from another source, in the same manner Illyrio Mopatis got hold of three dragons as a gift to Daenarys.

The White Walkers aren't evil. They're just another race that live in the North.

Somewhere in time, the people of Westeros have forgotten about them as a race that they had broken an ancient treaty, leading the White Walkers to attack the kingdom of men.

Stemming from above, the Song of Ice and Fire will be a battle that will conclude to an agreement written in a parchment so the White Walkers will be left alone in peace.

That might sound so anticlimactic and unlikely of Martin's brutality, but who knows. This kind of ending is similar to Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations.

There's a dragon buried under The Wall, this would explain why Melisandre got stronger when she reached The Wall.

The Wall is the border of the Kingdom of the White Walkers, bind by a very strong magic as part of an ancient treaty.

The presence of the wildings on the other side of the wall is an offense to this ancient treaty.

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