Evangeline Film Review

Evangeline, Film Review

Drowned by the grief of losing her little sister, Evangeline was still recupirating when she is yet to face another tragedy in her life.

With the help of her newly-found friend embodied by her Japanese college roommate, Shannon, Evangeline slowly opened herself to the world. Together with Shannon's friend, Molly, Evangeline fills herself with optimism and joy by attending a frat party where she met the frat leader, Michael Konner.

Armed by her naivety, she was easily misled by Konner to a remote cabin in the woods to be brutalized with the aid of Konner's two buddies. She was then left to die in the middle of nowhere and is saved by the spirit of the forest.

With only half of her consciousness left in her body, she was then picked up by a homeless young ex-soldier who took her into his care.

Evangeline sure wasn't put to rest when another homeless man tries to harrass her. She was out of the frying pan and into the fire when she managed to ran away only to fall into the arms of a serial killer. Everything went downhill from then on if all that wasn't enough.

Perhaps, the most horrific picture of the film was when Evangeline was unconscious, a serial killer thrusts himself in and out of her body in the middle of the forest, blanketed by the darkness of the night. It can be understood that Evangeline was still innocent before then. It's small wonder she lost herself to the spirit of a demon to exact her revenge to all those who've hurt her.

Evangeline is somewhat similar to the film, I Spit on your Grave, with the female protagonist killing her assailants after managing to escape death from their hands, just minus the spirit of a demon and crossing over to a limbo between life and hell.

After succumbing to hatred, anger and an evil spirit, the female lead appears to be fierce when she gets turn the tables. This doesn't look empowering. No one can diminish the fact that an innocent girl is raped and brutalized to death. It's altogether sad and infuriating.

Kat de Lieva performing as Evangeline, reminds me of a robust Nina Dobrev. They're both pretty with an innocent look about them. If you make de Lieva thinner, she would look a lot like Dobrev. That was my first impression that I was intrigued by her character. She alone carries the film and she delivered her part so well.

Richard Harmon plays Michael Konner, who played a sinister role in Grave Encounters 2. With a little reminder and his natural looks, it's easy to hate him right on. His roles are getting so stereotypical with this looks that I'm now begging future filmmakers not to do the same thing, lest the actor gets flatten down by his flat role.

The film offers no explanation to the mindsets of Konner's sidekicks and that is its major weakness. Konner is simply sick of mind which you can easily tell by his body language and facial expressionss or the lack thereof. As for his two buddies, not only do they appear weak, they also appear confused that it's confounding that while appearing not sure of themselves, they don't appear to be driven by fear of their ringleader. So what drove them? Perhaps, the actors are just terrible.

While appearing to be another stereotypical Japanese goth chick, Shannon is a character that I definitely like. Her first appearance in the film with his red corsette paired with a black skirt is the reason why I sit through the entire film. I thought the film will show more images of the college life but it jumps straight to the disturbing pictures.

Mr. K appears early on in the film without meeting Evangeline that when he finally met her, he didn't appear to be a deus ex machina so Evangeline would permit herself to be possessed by an evil spirit. That was a well thought-out scenario.

Evangeline is written and directed by Karen Lam and is set to be released on the screen in the US on May 8, 2015.

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