12 Content-based websites I found Addictive

The first thing I do when I use the internet is open my email. Then my facebook account next. And if I've got nothing to do, browse these websites (not in the following order):


I Fucking Love Science is where you'd discover surprising new things in the scientific world, written by members of the scientific community.


TheMindUnleashed is where you'd get your daily dose of mind-blowing knowledge. If the above talks about the things in the physical world, this website mostly deals with the metaphysics.


Thoughtcatalog posts thoughts from its various contributors whose contents could be taken from real-life experiences but lately, the posts are mostly creative thoughts (fictitious). Before, it posts about 6 posts in one day but now it's over 60 that it's hard to keep up.


Elitedaily posts science-based thoughts from contributors. Most of its contents concern relationships (intrapersonal, romantic, breakup, etc.).


Flavorwire posts anything from pop culture: tv, movies, music, art, books, celebrities. I love its anything list of 50.


Buzzfeed is a list-based website with contributors from around the world. Most of its contents are bombarded with gifs. Its video section is my favorite. I discovered this website during the 2014 World Cup when someone posted gifs of hunkable footballers from Spain. The biggest thing that happened to this website was when Pres. Obama chose to collaborate with it to publicize his healthcare system, Obamacare.


Mic.com is a website that tackles on Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSIs) in the USA. This used to be micpolicy.com but on 2014, the website admin had finally bought mic.com domain and the policy was dropped.


Mirror is a news website based in UK that contains the weirdest kind of news one can find. I discovered this website via a local newspaper that gets its international content (that's 2 pages) from this website. Even the translation is funny.


Boredpanda is photo-based website wherein each post contains a compendium of photos. Each post varies from adorable, inspirational, awesome, funny to dark humor.


Quora is a question-based website where anyone asks questions and others post their answers. Anyone can answer but quora is full of legit people (varying from people working on google, to scriptwriters, directors to military personnel, even to the president of the United States) who answer the questions.


This is the official website of the publishing house, Tor Books which releases Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Its website posts Chapter samples from various books, things that are hot on pop culture, anything of relevance to science fiction and fantasy (even ones that are not covered by the publishing house) and guest posts by authors (not necessarily attached to Tor). I discovered this website while researching how the film, The Princess Bride, became a cult classic. I haven't left it ever since.


Technology. Comics. Games. Movies. This is a website for the geeks and dorks.

How about you? What websites are you addicted to? (social media sites not counted)

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