12 Scifi Movies: Space Expedition turned Horror

If you're craving for a scifi film set in space that has a great turn towards horror, then look no further. Here's a list of space exploration films that will make your viewing experience a nightmare (well, almost).

Sunshine (2007)

Sunshine Horror Space Expedition Films

The sun is dying and mankind is nearing extinction. The human race gathers all of its best metals to create the ship that would take seven astronauts near the heart of the sun to release a stellar bomb with atoms that would explode rapidly in succession, creating a star within the sun. The first expedition had failed its mission and now, Icarus II is to set out with the last payload earth has to offer amidst some trouble within the crew.

Europa Report (2013)

Europa Report Horror Space Expedition Films

A manned mission into deep space fell apart as the crew of astronauts faced an unexpected discovery in one of Jupiter's liquid-filled moon, Europa.

Here, District 9's main actor, Sharlto Copley makes his appearance to promote the film, per NASA's request. And just like the ventured South African film, the film was made in a documentary style. The images of Europa's surface are real, they were provided by NASA.

Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar Horror Space Expedition Films

Earth is dying. Organic species die one by one until the only dominant food left is corn. Only a quarter of a century is left before blight finally consumes Earth and be engulfed in a hellish fire. As the last pilot alive, it fell into Cooper's hands to send a crew of scientists through a black hole near Saturn to find one of the three celestial systems on the other side as a possible new home for humankind.

Gravity (2013)

Gravity Horror Space Expedition Films

This is a movie of a plight of an astronaut (Sandra Bullock) after a satellite routine goes nuts as a Russian satellite incurred a missile strike, creating a chain of destroying other satellites as the debris overlap their trajectory.

The Last Days on Mars (2013)

A crew of astronauts on their last day of expedition on Mars buckle under imminent death when the evidence of bacterial life they were all set to find turned out to be still alive to knock their lives out from the inside.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A Space Odyssey Horror Space Expedition Films

The first evidence of intelligent life on earth, a mysterious black monolith, was discovered buried in the depths of moon. Mankind realized it was deliberately buried more than 4 million years ago. For whatever was its purpose, five astronauts will have to find out, alongside HAL 9000 computer to help them on their journey to Jupiter.

Moon (2009)

Moon Horror Space Expedition Films

After waking up from an accident on a routine checkup at a moon station by Lunar Industries, an astronaut faces a shocking revelation. His loneliness is cured not by meeting his wife and daughter after a three-year stint working alone but my meeting one of the company's secrets with the help of his computer, Gerty.

Aliens (1986)

Rousing from a hyper-sleep, Ripley is yet to set out for another expedition on the same place she had eluded from to find answers to the report her crew had sent out to the space company about homing in on a derelict spacecraft that was home to a dangerous alien that made her set their ship for self-destruction 57 years ago. She'll be in for a bloody reunion.

Apollo 18 (2011)

Apollo 18 Horror Space Expedition Films

At the height of lunar expeditions during the '70s, a group of astronauts on an expedition to the moon gradually fall into a death trap by moon's undiscovered lifeforms.

Pandorum (2009)

With earth at the brink of losing its resources with an oversized population, the spacecraft Elysium is launched into space bringing Astronauts and 60,000 people to populate a planet similar to earth some lightyears away. Astronauts take in shift to fly the ship while the rest are doused in sleep, locked up in capsules for decades of years before the ship finally lands. But something went amiss. With the fluid necessary to put them to sleep and providing them nutrition messing with their memories, the crew fell to disarray.

Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus Horror Space Expedition Films

A crew of explorers follow clues to the origin of mankind across the Universe where they land at a planet only to discover a threat to humankind.

This movie was rumored to be Aliens' prequel. The greek ratio as shown by old Grecian statues was used to render the body structure of humans' engineers in the film.

The Forbidden Planet (1958)

The Forbidden Planet Horror Space Expedition Films

A starship crew ventured in a planet in hopes to gather survivors from a previous failed intergalactic mission. There they met a high-end robot which was created by Morbius, a Philologist who is the lone survivor of the previous crew. Commander Adams must solve the mystery of an invisible monster that kills his crew while teaching the Philologist's beautiful daughter how to stimulate her body.


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