Inches Aren't Everything by Sarah B. Daniels Review

Seeing the book cover, I thought I was going to read an erotica book. But what I found instead was more of a motivational book. One will learn things about corporate business, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, and not about sex. Sure, there are sex scenes from various characters but I didn't find them sensual. The excerpt for the forthcoming novel, Behind Closed Doors, sounds promising and way more erotic.

Inches Aren't Everything by Sarah B. Daniels Review
Authors: Sarah B. Daniels
Date Published: June 21, 2015
Publisher: Steam
Edition: ebook (I got a free e-ARC from the author)
Language: English
Genre: Erotica
ISBN-13: 9781943544028
Size: 206

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The elite trainers at Body Management Corporation (BMC) have more than sculpting the perfect body on their agendas. Working with hot rock stars and professional athletes, they often spend as much time between the sheets as on the treadmill.
Head trainer, Dean Stoddard, is known for his good looks and stunning bedroom endurance with his more than willing clients. Orlanda Kennedy, one of Dean’s colleagues, is an exquisite goddess on a quest for success and wealth. Orlanda despises the shallowness of the fitness industry and the simple-minded men she works with. She uses her curves and intelligence to manipulate the men who lust after her, to maintain control of the situation – and the men.

Dean can't deny his attraction to Orlanda but refuses to give her the satisfaction of turning him down, so he desires her in quiet from a distance – until he thinks she sends him a signal to approach for landing.

Orlanda's plot for domination unfolds around BMC's owner, Zack Johnston, who is in a power struggle with his business partner, and in another kind of struggle with Leena Ryan, the mysterious woman who seduced him during a flight and hasn't let him rest since. She is about to push Zack into a whole new understanding of the word “action”, causing him to question himself and everything around him.

Luckily, Zack has Keith Langley, his right-hand man and head trainer, keeping him grounded and protecting the business. Keith is a natural leader who longs for love instead of one-night stands.

Burned out rock stars, sex-driven sports stars, clients who tempt, and trainers who accept, round out the roster of characters in this page-turning, intriguing romp of a novel. You'll get to laugh at 'em, love 'em and want to join them!


For someone looking forward to erotica, I was hugely disappointed. There was no emotional hang-up to root for, just gratification in 'watching' people do about their business and in return, finish a book.

When I read the synopsis from my Review Request list, I thought the main couple for Inches aren't everything were Orlanda and Dean but as it turned out, they won't have much screentime if the book were a movie. The book is written in the third-person perspective and traverses across various characters who make up the BMC (Body Management Corporation), a fitness venture business.

As someone who'd been struggling to get fit (I'm not fat, just a skinny fat person because of fats deposited in wrong places) and to cut cost, follows workout routines viewable on youtube, the book's premises struck a cord with me. Thus, I see the book as a motivational one rather than an erotica. Well, as I see it, it doesn't even come close to the conventional romance.

As a clinical counselor/author by trade, the author's major career reflect on her writing. That could help in other genres of book but for this kind of book (which I clearly could not place on the appropiate category), it was more of an obstruction. I could see a lot of the author in the book's characters.

I think it would be better if the “About the Author” section is placed on the last page of the book, not before the table of contents. For a romantic (or erotic) book, doing that fashion of putting the details of the author in front before the story unfolds is a mood dampener. I'd rather be surprised who the author is, be curious as to how a story sounds so well-grounded and spot on, and be amazed with the author's profile (like what happened to me after reading Death Watch by Michael Sedge & Peter..., Once Dead by Richard Phillips, & Gemini Cell by Myke Cole, to name a few).

Another issue I found on this book, is that of the narrow eyebrows or the lack thereof of the female model on the cover. She looks unappealing to me because of that and that does affect my image for whoever is the lead of the story.

For the anticipated female lead, Orlanda is a woman who uses sex as a weapon. I'd love a character like that on other books but just not for this one. I see her as a toxic person, not for her amorality but for her pig-headedness. Of course, one can expect her to change later but I'm just annoyed with her for the most part.

I'm mostly drawn by Keith Langley's character, not because he hit a jackpot somewhere to become very rich (spoiler, oops) but because he has this light air about him. He's not one to be affected by pressures in life and he could do his tasks efficiently. I'd love to imagine having someone like him to turn to.

When it comes to the sex in this book, the tension-building sucks at best. The romping scenes are not descriptive, just delivered bysome placid narration. Everything goes by in a blurry that sex itself is anticlimactic.

The book didn't deliver its promise for me to want to join the characters. Still, I appreciate that someone like Keith was put up.

My rate might be very low for this book but I'd still love to read the author's upcoming book, Behind Closed Doors.

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