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This week's Question:

Undiscovered talent – tell us about a book you loved but no one else seems to have heard of. It can be new or old, any genre. Let’s spread the love. – Suggested by Becky’s Barmy Book Blog.

The Seven Forges by James A. Moore

I don't want to put the official synopsis here because the female population might think it's a book catered only for the male counterpart. Basically, it's a fantasy book. It's written in the third-person perspective that shifts among various characters. The first part is told in the POV of Captain Merros Dulver which is what is told about in most synopses. The Seven Forges is the first book of a series of the same name. The third book will be out in November 3 and is currently available in Netgalley for request.

The first book goes like:

Just beyond this particular kingdom is a great ruin from an ancient war. Across this ruin is a mountainous region. This place has seven mountains, thus called Seven Forges. The kingdom sent forth a group of warriors to scale the Seven Forges and these explorers discovered it wasn't uninhabited and it seems that these strangers were expecting them. So they return to their kingdom with a strange entourage for what they bring with them look like malformed giants (in a way that they're at least a head taller, full of scars, differing in skin tone, and look overdosed in steroid). Things get interesting from then on.


  1. Following you on Bloglovin'! I've never heard of this one - thanks for sharing. :)

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    Silvy @Books are my life

  3. Love fantasy tales :) New bloglovin follower. My FF

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  5. This certainly looks fascinating!! I LOVE fantasy novels! And this one has a very original plot, too. Also, I seriously love that cover!! I'm going to find out more!!

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  7. Awesome cover, but not very sure if this would be the book for me... but none the less thanks for sharing :)

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    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

  8. Great pick this is also really new to me but is does looks and sounds really intriguing and interesting I love fantasy books and I will most definitely try to check this one out. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. New Follower on Bloglovin, GFC, Google+, FB and Twitter


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