QAQAQ 4: Do you think we're highly evolved species?

QAQAQ is a Sunday post by Xio Ruth where she offers solutions to people's dilemma. Talk about your problem and read what it's all about here.

Situation: I've got no problem to tell but I'd like to ask if you think we're highly evolved species.

We're all evolved. But highly evolved? Not yet. The fact that we're now capable of living up to a hundred years old and still, we reach our maximum potential for romantic feelings before reaching 20 is proof of that. It's small wonder why overpopulation is a serious problem. People get replaced until the existence of their great-grandchildren before they die.

Mentally, we've all become much more intelligent than the way we were 4 thousands of years ago. The problem is, our bodies couldn't yet keep up with our capabilities.

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