Why I Will No Longer Use Sensible's FastAccess Facial Recognition Software

Bad Facial Recognition Software

When I bought my new laptop six months ago, I decided to download Windows 10 installer from Microsoft's website which was free back then. With a fresh installation, I got rid of my laptop brand's bloatwares. Unfortunately, that went with useful softwares that came along with it (a year of subscription for an antivirus and a facial recognition software). Fortunately, the facial recognition software is kept under my brand's digital delivery service. The only bad thing was for some reason, you have to reinstall it on a monthly basis.

Now, for months, every time I visit certain websites, I always have to enter CAPTCHA and I had no idea why. Toggling on Google's explanation (yes, Google itself, not whatever you find on the search engine), you get that notification when it is noticed that your IP addresses (in my ISP, my IP address change at certain range of numbers) is causing heavy traffic. Either your current IP address send out so much information or you retrieve data from the Internet way too fast. I first thought it was due to my addiction on shopping sites four months ago. I would scour shopping sites for hours on end just looking for the perfect thing. It doesn't matter if I sit for too long (15 hours), not buying anything but merely looking at beautiful stuff.

But then, for the last three days, my current IP addresses got cleared finally! And then a terrible thing happened. It was that time of the month that I have to reinstall my facial recognition software. So I uninstalled it, removed the configuration files, restarted my computer, downloaded the software from the digital delivery service, installed it again and waited for the "need to update" dialogue box. The sad news was the update took too long and I had no idea why my webcam's light indicator is still on for half an hour. I restarted my computer and the next thing I knew, that CAPTCHA thing is wreaking havoc again.

The reason why I love using a facial recognition software for my computer was because of the seamless startup of the computer. I simply have to push the on button and then wait until the operating system completely loads. But seriously though, 3 to 7 seconds of typing your password or pin is nothing compared to each time you have to enter the correct CAPTCHA for every security-strict website you visit. If I had known back then that the facial recognition system was the culprit of my IP addresses' huge traffic, I would never have used it in the first place.

So for you contemplating on using a facial recognition software out there, I'm telling you, it's not worth it. I just realized all this at this very hour.

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