How to Forward Emails from Zoho to Gmail

Forwarding Zoho emails to Gmail

Now that you've set up your domain-based email with Zoho Mail, you might not want to shift emails if you have to access different email accounts. Gmail is Google's free email service and most webmasters use it. Obviously, you make your Gmail account your primary email that's why you're here.

This post is a continuation of a two-part series of creating a domain-based email with Zoho Email.

Now, let's begin linking Zoho business email to your Gmail account.

Log in to your Zoho Mail.

Edit your settings.

Go near the bottom and click on Email forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Setup Email Forwarding.

Shown below is the upper half for Email forwarding and POP/IMAP. This is the POP part.

  • What I meant for step four on the above image is if someone comments on your blog, the email notification for that comment will sometimes be categorized as spam especially if the comment is generated by a scraper. Oftentimes, a comment is not a spam and mistakenly taken as such.

Zoho Mail will send a message to your Gmail confirmation, confirm it.

The subject would be Zoho Mail : Email Forwarding confirmation -

All your emails from Zoho will now be forwarded to your Gmail account.

If you want to be able to send emails with your Zoho Mail from your Gmail account, edit IMAP Access.

This is the lower half from above, the IMAP part:

Let's proceed to Gmail from hereon.

Edit your Gmail Settings

On the right-hand side of Gmail, just below your Google+ Profile picture, click on the gear icon then select Settings.

Go to Accounts and Import tab

On Send mail as:, click on Add another email address you own

On a pop-up window, put your email name and your domain-based email address.

On the next window, put your Zoho business email details as follows:

1. Set your SMTP server as

2. Assign 465 to the Port.

3.Input your Zoho business email and the password associated with it.

Since we've already set up email forwarding from Zoho Mail to Gmail, the Gmail Team will send a confirmation link to add your Zoho business email to your Gmail account. The subject will be:

"Gmail confirmation - Send mail as yourzoho@emailaddress".

You can now send with your Zoho domain-based email address from your Gmail account once confirmed.

To send email from your Zoho email address, when you compose an email, from the From box, click on the dropdown box and select your Zoho business email.

Because you're using Zoho business email for your domain-based email, your messages will always be marked as important (with a yellow tag).

When you send an email successfully as your Zoho email from Gmail, you'll notice that Gmail can't fetch a picture from a linked Google Plus profile. What happens is that you get a red question mark on your profile picture and if you hover on it, you get this message,

Gmail couldn't verify that actually sent this message (and not a spammer).

We will fix this by either changing the SPF record or verifying DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). I chose the latter.

Adding your DKIM to DNS records

Log in to your Zoho Email and access your Control Panel.

Follow Zoho Mail's official post for DKIM Configuration through this link.

After adding your DKIM on your DNS Records, you will no longer have a question mark on your email avatar.

Our next Step would be:

Adding a signature for your Zoho Mail through Gmail.

Go to your Gmail Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the right-hand side then choose "Settings" from the drop down box.

Gmail Signature

On the General tab, go to "Signature".

From the dropdown list, select your Zoho business email, then design your signature.

There's a number of websites offering free generated signature. Go to one and generate your signature that you should paste on the signature dialogue box. Otherwise, you can highlight and copy my signature template below then paste and edit it on your Gmail Signature Settings.

reviewing books and films, covering things in between
w: | t: +[phone number]

When you're done, your email should look somewhat like this:


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