UnaRosa Fashion Review: They're Liars, I'm very disappointed

I was never been much disappointed in buying clothes online than this. This is my third experience in ordering clothes at Zalora.com and I hated what happened. I'm such a sucker for crisscross or lace up tops and I was drawn to this particular blouse. I decided to buy it because not only does it look so fashionably chic and edgy (because crisscross, duh) but it also looks elegant. You can wear it for casual wear and because of the soft, flowing silk polyester material, you can wear it as formal attire that you can use for job interviews. Furthermore, in case of formal dinner and you don't like to wear a dress, you can pair it with a pair of slacks and still look fit for the occasion.

I was further convinced to buy it because of the metal aglet or the metal detail at both ends of the string/tie (or metal ring at the lace tip) as shown by this picture:

Una Rosa Philippines is a liar
source: una-rosa.com

The same goes for other colors:

Una Rosa Philippines is a liar
Una Rosa Philippines is a liar

That top was called Cross String Top and was originally priced at P1595. With the 50% markdown (P798), I was further convinced to buy it.

Upon arrival, I was shookt to find it like this:

I'm so sorry for the terrible quality but the point is, as you can see, the metal detail was missing! The metal aglets which I pointed to from the first image above wasn't there. It's so disappointing. I was scammed into buying this top and it wasn't complete.

Dear Una Rosa Philippines, please don't mislead your consumers into buying your products by lying to them. You've just convinced me never to buy from your shop again.

Anyway, Zalora.com.ph is still awesome. My item arrived after three days in pristine condition. You can use my code: ZBAPZZLE for a site-wide 15% discount on your first order.

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