Dead Snow (2009): Movie Review

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A group of medical students on a ski trip to Oksfjord, Norway for their Easter vacation  come upon the horrors of the Nazi regime that should have been buried long ago. Reckless of them to neglect research on the mountain they're hoping to enjoy, it has been plagued by a presence of evil as told by a shady stranger who visited their cabin. An army of Nazi led by Colonel Herzog who were able to escape the wrath of the avenging civilians whom they terrorized had sought refuge in that very cold mountain during the WWII, taking with them stolen goods and shiny things they deem precious. They should have been long forgotten as time flies by. But they didn't die of starvation as the locals hope, rather they morphed into a living dead thing that still thrive until today. So the group is seeking fun and adventure. Hell, they'll be in the highest kind of adventure in their lives.


A group of stupid youngsters who couldn't fight well for themselves when facing a life-threatening situation opt for a vacation in a cabin in an unfamiliar place where they will be facing the last nightmare of their lives. Sounds familiar? This kind of genre never gets old on me. This genre will leave no one behind... alive. Of course, if you get easily irritated with this premise, the knacks of the really rational and tough characters will have you rooting for. Sadly, they have to die too. As always.

This movie proves to be nerve-wracking. Not that it hit my nerves for fear, it hit me with a bludgeoning annoyance, as usual for the genre. But unlike the really annoying ones (i.e. Evil Dead & Friday the 13th as mentioned in the film, Wrong Turn, I Know What You Did Last Summer, et. al.), this film really cracked me up! It's because of this very reason that I stay rooted to my seat watching this film. Some scenes are just freaking hilarious!

If indeed the Nazis here are zombies, then they're not the usual zombies that we know of. They prove themselves to be intelligent, well the Nazi that they are. They think, and they have strategies when they hunt.

The plot is very easy to see right from the start, you will only be wondering how the scenes are going to be delivered. It's worth the rate of 9 out of 10.

Lessons I learned from this movie:

You know you're fucked when...

You thought there's only the leader of the monsters left to kill and he calls on to his legion buried beneath the ground.

You know you're fucked when...

You thought you already did things right to appease the monsters, just then you realize there's something they seek left hidden in your pocket.

Don't tap on someone's shoulder while he's still in the middle of his ecstasy, killing.

He won't recognize who you are, idiot.

Screw your feelings as your lover dies.

Face the reality, you're surrounded by monsters. Nonetheless, just die too, idiot.

Don't be smug about yourself just because you eliminated all of them.

There will always be one that will jump on you. And then you die.

Don't go jumping to conclusions, use your head!

Didn't you say you're intelligent? With intelligence comes rationality. Either way, just die.

How about you? What lessons did you learn?


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