Fashion Up: First Taste at UNIQLO Philippines

Disclaimer: If you are the type of girl who is constantly nagged with bad smell in the shirts you wear despite all the steps you did (like deo & bath stuffs), this might help. :)

HEATTECH is the smart way to stay warm and comfortable in cold weather.

The Philippines is a wet and dry country with temperature mostly hot during the day the entire year. As to how the country could embrace this HeatTech prided by UNIQLO, only the consumers could tell. And apparently, I had become a consumer.

It was never my intention to buy a shirt, or any kind of clothing for that matter. But on my way to Etude House at SM the Block, the opening of UNIQLO kept me on my track. It had been the second day since the opening and people fell in line with the queue so long it's as if they're buying movie passes. It pained me just by looking at them, after all I have just come from my own queue lining up for a ticket for Breaking Dawn Part 2, its premiere at Trinoma. I just wanted to buy a Bubble Foam Hair Coloring but upon seeing the absence of my desired color at Etude, I have to go down and pass by UNIQLO again. Since I had to kill my time until the screening time for my movie, I just thought I'd give UNIQLO a shot. So I fell in line. Again. Ugh! My feet were so sore already I thank myself that I'm fond of wearing flat slippers despite looking bucolic.

Just feasting my eyes on the tartan fleece jackets from the outside satiated my mood. The colors look wonderful, I swear they will never look bad when paired with any other colors. The clothes look soft to the touch too, my hands itch to touch them. After some time, I got my hands on the jackets. Finally! As usual, I don't like synthetic fur textures in jackets that I get to touch at Ukay-ukay stores. [Info 101: In the Philippines, we have these Ukay-ukay or old clothes thrown by some people at foreign countries and sold to the country to be used again for a fairly small price. That's where I had the chance to wear authentic Versace, Gucci, Adidas clothes and the like, albeit used and second-hand.]

Then I get to the tartan flannel shirts section. I wasn't wrong with my initial thought. The texture of the clothing is so soft to the touch despite its thickness. The material feels durable and the colors so adorable. I can't choose between my favorite shade of black and white and the ones with red and pink hues. I already had bluegreen & white, black & white, and black & pink back at home so in the end, I settled with gray and light red plaid long-sleeved shirt. If only I had more money, I'd buy as many as I could afford. All the combination of colors are just so soothing to the eyes. My mind swirls with them looking back. It's like cotton-candy and cloud 9. It should be obvious, tartan polos are my favorite. Maybe for now.

Uniqlo Philippines

Just one tartan shirt is all I could afford. With their special opening price of P790 from P1290, it was worth the bargain. But then I passed by some cotton shirts. I really don't like cotton shirts especially the fitted ones. I don't have good genes when it comes to wearing cotton. I'd smell really bad and the bad bacteria would stick on my fitted cotton shirts that washing them roughly with expensive detergent won't provide solution. I know it sucks, really. But there isn't any other solution aside perhaps with gene correction if there's such technology. But I heard about the armpit thingy. Anyway, seeing the marked down price to P190 from P590 on these thin wide-collared fitted cotton shirts (I despise wide collars since they're never flattering on my flat chests), I just thought I'd forgive myself just this once. I don't think I'd have this opportunity again. The sale is just for the intro and would end the next day.

The technology of UNIQLO HeatTech
Soft Texture [Women's] HEATTECH fibers contain milk proteins with natural amino acids which make the material smooth and soft to the touch.
Anti-odor [Men's] Special fabric processing absorbs the source of odors, such as perspiration, on the garments.
Odor Control A special anti-microbial agent in HEATTECH helps minimize odors.
Stretchable Comfort HEATTECH stretches to give you a perfect fit and maximize comfort.
Quick Dry [Men's] The fabric wicks away and quickly dries moisture to remain dry and refreshing.
Anti-static The fabric reduces discomfort from static electricity.
Non-deforming Highly resilient and durable, HEATTECH maintains its shape even after repeated washings.
Moisture Wicking [Men's] Absorbs excess moisture to avoid that sticky feeling, then releases it to the outside.
With all the specifications here, I think I should just buy the Men's garments. :|

I never had the chance to fit both shirts that I chose in the fitting room. I just fit them on some mirrors beside the racks with my thick pseudo-jacket shirt which makes me look fatter than I really am. Nonetheless, I was already satisfied with the result. I bought them both in a hurry after realizing that I enjoyed my supposedly window-shopping too much that I only had a quarter of an hour until my movie starts. After paying for the clothes, I took a run towards the other mall. I ran out of money for the hair dye. And most of all, I'm running out of time. But really, money should be my problem now.

Uniqlo Philippines

Now that I had the chance to fit both clothes at home, I couldn't be any happier. The tartan shirt fits perfectly! And the fitted cotton shirt, the type that I grew on hating? It was marvelous! The collar hugs my upper body so tight, my flat chests won't perilously expose themselves when I bend down. Surprisingly, the middle part doesn't really hug my tummy. It is fitting but not too snugly to humiliate me with my pot belly. It's really thin but feels tough to the hands and the like that won't develop himulmol (if someone could please help me with the English word, you know those tiny round thingy in wools??) in the long run. The shirt is also long like a dress. And that's what I like about it the most. Okay, it didn't compliment the lack of my butt but it did give me shape.

Satisfaction will be guaranteed at UNIQLO. It's not about the fame for heat technology in clothes, to me, it's about the fashion sense, the texture and the durability of the clothes (I can tell just by their tactile qualities). There's one thing I'm disappointed with it though. There are all sorts of leggings, stockings and beautiful out-of-this-world socks to go with all sort of shoes but I can't find a shadow of a shoe there. Except obviously for the ones worn by people and those on display but there isn't any shoe available for purchase. There should be shoes! Especially flat boots!

One more thing, I just hope I won't smell bad with the fitted shirt because I did with Bossini. I always wear deodorant all right! And take a bath too! It's just my genes. I'm always on this quest to find the appropriate brand for my body. [Let's sidetrack: local branded shirts like BNY & BumG did bad to me- I smell with them :( ] My father had his resolution through Penshoppe, Lacoste, Giordano, & Gap. We just had one big problem- we can't really afford them. With all being said, I have my faith in UNIQLO. If everything won't go well, I might as just well stick with Ukay-ukay.

Good luck to me. :)

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