The Breaking Dawn Part 2: Movie Review

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Bella is not the only change that happened in the lives of the undead family Cullens. With the birth of Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, the Cullen's safety are at stake with the nature of the child likely to be in question to the Volturi, the oldest and highest governing body among the Vampires. The Cullens have to gather other Vampires to be witnesses that Renesmee is half-mortal half-immortal and was born from Bella's human womb and not bitten and transformed into a child of the night, an abomination to the oldest laws of Vampires.



This movie is such a big big joke! Don't fret, it doesn't suck (pun not intended). In fact, I love it! It's full of funny scenes that even the climax cracked me up big time. Now, I think of how The Avengers turned out to be. Bill Condon, the director for both part I and part II of the Breaking Dawn succeeded in making the Twilight series substantial as a series and not just a movie to succumb the naive minds of teenagers (or females young at heart) to give up their money to the cinema just to have their goo-goo eyes ogle on male Vampires or be swayed with the intangible romance of the living dead (not to mention, victimizing their boyfriends to accompany them). If Breaking Dawn Part I was of romantic genre with the agony and love of a mother, Part II falls to action-superhero genre albeit paranormal romance.

Yes, a superhero movie that most agree. Think of this, if you are familiar with Japanese anime Naruto, all the ninja techniques are present in the film. Say, Uchiha clan's Sharingan technique manifested by twins Jane and Alec with pain illusion for the former and sense deprivation for the latter. Not that they didn't showcase their abilities in the prequels, it's just that one will be overwhelmed with the presence of Vampires having so much psychic abilities in this film. For one, there's this Vampire who has control of all elements (the classic elements). If you have watched the film Avatar, with all the benders--fire-benders, water-benders and the like for their respective elements, then this guy is one heck of an Avatar who controls all elements (and there should only be one Avatar)! From Tanya's clan, Kate has mental electrical current, enabling her to electrocute others within contact. Bella, the newest Vampire, aside from Self-Control, she has mental shield that enables her to shield herself and others within her reach, nullifying other Vampires' abilities. Of course, that much are mentioned in the book. Just the exception of the Avatar. This is one heck of a film! Don't think of Vampires in this film anymore, think of The Avengers as Vampires.

The film opened with Bella opening her eyes, red as a newborn Vampire that she is, continuing with how Part I ended. When Edward and Bella went for a hunt to feed, Bella smelled a human nearby who unfortunately managed to injure himself on his rock-climbing venture that made him subject as Bella's burger. This made Bella realize her uncanny ability to control her hunger for human blood, as she chose to devour a Wild Cat instead. And thus, made Edward realize just how strong Bella is to be able to have her meal with a great cat (can't tell if it's a puma or a jaguar) on her first hunt! Honestly, I can't remember this part of the book. I don't know if it's part of the changes they made for the movie or it's because I read the book even before the movies came.

To get used to the new powers that she acquired as a Vampire, Bella has to train herself and also to prepare for a possible face-off with the Volturi. I could remember while I was reading the book, I kept flipping the pages, waiting on the part where everyone has to kill each other... until I apparently reached the last page of the book. The action never came. I was like, "What? It ended already?" But this movie showed me all that the book lacked. The Action. And that's how Bill Condon waved his wand, working his magic on the movie. As it appears, he never deviated from the book. He made all that I was desperately looking for in the finale book just a part of Alice's vision. Problem solved. Action present!

One more thing, I really liked the ending. Bella did something she has never done in the book. It's really a surprise! Also, I love how the filmmakers give credits to all the actors including the ones from the first movie Twilight when the credits rolled. The effects were just astounding. You would really feel that the Twilight saga finally ended. And it ended well.


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