Another Earth (2011): Movie Review

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A felon who was once an intelligent girl who studied in an Ivy League school struggles to get back on her feet by helping the man whose family she had killed with reckless driving. With another Earth nearing the very Earth whose people mirror that our own, anything could happen. And it is up to her to pursue that voyage to the other Earth to experience both the unknown and possibility, and perhaps change the course of her mundane life.



Rhoda was drunk when she heard the news of a planet similar to earth nearing our very own planet. Heedless with her drunkenness, she crushed into another vehicle, killing a wife, a son, and an unborn daughter and sending the husband to a coma. Four years later, she was finally freed from prison and a Voyage Project to the other earth was drawing close. As a felon, she decided to work as a cleaner in a local high school. Feeling sorry for the man whose family she had ruined, she was about to ask for forgiveness when she lost her nerve and instead, lied to giving free cleaning services. It was just once and soon cleaning for the man became a regular habit that would open up emotions for both of them.

I was thinking of so many things while watching this movie. And no, nothing of the physics paradigm. I was mostly thinking of how emotionally fragile a human is. Especially a girl. At a certain part of the movie, I thought that I'd both love and hate it, depending on the decision of the female protagonist. If she so decides to forgo her trip to the other earth, it would really disappoint me. I mean, hey, that's more than a million dollar trip you're going to throw away! Not only that, going to space is a lifelong dream and getting a ticket happens most probably once in a lifetime. Landing on another earth and seeing the mirror of yourself is quite another thing.

At the end, whatever she had decided turned out to be for the best. It wasn't just for herself and mostly not for the man she was trying to help but for another one.


From the moment the girl sees the one she had done wrong against for the first time, I know that something was coming. And it felt too much of a taboo for me. There was something sexual in the air. Maybe despite his age, the man's looks helped with the inevitable sex. I have to admit that in spite of the huge gap in age, they both have chemistry. And when the girl started stripping her clothes off, it definitely was hot hot hot! It pretty much aroused me as the man entered her. It's partly because of the fact that the girl was lying to him the whole time and that she murdered his family. And there the man goes, fucking with the murderer. There's something about being wrong a guilty pleasure.


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