On the Look: Rise of an Empire (2013)

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Of course, you've heard this too many times already. Even if you don't know where this come from, sure you've come across upon it. It's from the 2007 blockbuster hit movie, 300. Years back, we've heard rumors that the company that produced 300 would make a sequel with the advent of its popularity. And Gerald Butler had his hopes. After all, it's the film that made him really famous. Although, he was hottest at taking the role of the Phantom of the Opera (2004). But come 2010, the actor's getting old. And no sequel is to come. Nonetheless, Gerald Butler has already immortalized Leonidas' character just as much as Russell Crowe did for Gladiator (2000) and Mel Gibson for Braveheart (1995). They're even characters in so many online games.

And thank goodness, Leonidas won't be back! Coz I don't think that Butler would be up for it. Yeah, he really is getting old. But who will be back then? Okay, Rise of an Empire is a spinoff for Xerxes! Xerxes is one of the greatest villain in history. So anyone could just make a movie about him. And that means that this hottie:

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will turn into this:

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One noteworthy character to me in this film would be Eva Green. That damned witch bitch from the movie Dark Shadows (2012). I don't know what her role will be but hopefully, she will be good this time.

Don't tell me you don't have the creeps?

Wait, why did I say that it's a sequel when it doesn't even continue from the movie 300? This movie separates the story from that of 300. They're fighting a different war altogether. It is based from Frank Miller's comic strips where 300 was also based from. And because of the popularity of 300, the prod com can't even get away from that film's influence. It is said that they will name the film to 300: Rise of an Empire. And the title has been changed many times. I'm sure lots of 300 fans would crane their necks for this one this coming August 2, 2013 which means money to the production team. And I hope it will turn out really good.

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