Repo Men (2010): Movie Review

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It really is such a grime being a Repo Man. As your job, you had to hunt down people who had their organs replaced with synthetic ones from the Union but are long overdue with their loans. And so, you creep to them at the dead of night even in the daylight just to take the unpaid organs back. But what if one day, you had an accident while doing your job and you wake up in a hospital only to find yourself having no choice but to have your heart replaced? What could go on from there? But a job is a job for a Repo Man.


Technological Issues

I watched this film since it was suggested to us in a biology class about ELSIs when it comes to biological improvement. I think some us are aware that big companies even the government have been depriving us of the proper health care. When there are easy ways to check on our health, they made us go through long medical procedures that would require us to shell out huge sum of money, making people in debt throughout their whole life. Just think about what that 15-year old Jack Andraka developed on how to detect different cancers without going through heavy equipment and just use organic and small materials. All in all the process will take for as little as $3 while in going to the hospital, you'd have to drop $400!

In this film, the human race has achieved great advancement when it comes to human organs. While today, one has to wait for another person to die just so he could replace his failed organ, in this film the organ can just be replaced with a fully functional synthetic one. But then of course, those organs are so expensive. So that the company (Union) will amass more money to its pocket, people who cannot pay full have to get loans. And they had no choice but to sign the contract and work all their lives just to make ends meet.

Human Emotions and Relationship

It's just pretty amazing how men could easily move on with their love life. Once the wife falters in the relationship, pretty soon enough the husband could find a replacement no matter how cumbersome the situation is. Just take a watch at this film, when the wife had made her husband leave, the man easily fell for a girl he found at a bar. And as soon as he knew how fucked up the girl is just like him, he was convicted to protecting her. And soon enough, they've both leveled up from just comfort and then take on the heat. I mean, the whole affair happened about 3 months after his wife made him leave. But is it that really easy to let go of someone you had married and had a kid with? No wonder America's failure in marriage rise up to about 55%. They easily give up on each other and just give in to lust.


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