15 Movies with mind-blowing plot twists

You simply watch a movie, not knowing what awaits you. You become the unsuspecting victim of a twisted plot, which will be revealed by the end of the film. If this is your cup of tea, then you never have to search for long because here's a short list. The drawback though is that when you get the hang of this type of films, when the next one comes, it will no longer have something up its sleeves to surprise you. You already know what to expect.

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korea, 2003)


Janghwa and her little sister will make most of their summer time together back at the house where they used to live in a remote countryside. But fear soon envelops them as something crawls in the corners of the house concerning their mother's death from years past, aggravated by the worsening treatment of their stepmother. When their father refused to acknowledge their suffering from their stepmother's maltreatments, it lies in Janghwa's hands to protect her little sister.

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club Movie
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In his quest to liven up his humdrum unsatisfying life, an insomiac office worker [Edward Norton] with the help of his newly-found carefree yet charming soap-making friend [Brad Pitt] founded an underground station of a two-person match, old-fashioned way of fighting with bare knuckles. With a lot of people with their own adversaries in life joining the group, the Fight Club was established.
(First rule: Don't talk about fight club. Second rule: Don't talk about fight club.)

Soon, the two become the best of friends. But their friendship is compromised when a new woman [Helena Bonham Carter] gets involved. What must be done to bring them back together when she can't be permanently shared?

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island Movie
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U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels [Leonardo DiCaprio] and his sidekick [Mark Ruffalo] are going to investigate an isolated island, home to the criminally insane, for the disappearance of an escaped murderess. The doctors with their strange methodologies are suspicious enough. Why do the ones who enter never leave? Daniels will surely find the answer at all cost, to the detriment of his partner's life.

The Illusionist (2006)

The Illusionist Movie
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In a socially discriminating period of Vienna, a talented magician [Edward Norton] will use his abilities to secure the love of a woman [Jessica Biel] who is way above his station. But how is he to win the woman when there is someone who deserves her more, one who could throw elbows in her social circle?

The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige Movie
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Ever since the death of his wife, Robert Angier's [Hugh Jackman] life was never the same. It was all Alfred Borden's [Christian Bale] fault. Which knot did he tie? Now working separately in their own magic shows, the competition between the two just gets tightier. Borden just created a magic trick Angier could never fathom, The Deported Man. Angier tries hard to unravel Borden's secrets to the point of stealing his diary. Even Nikola Tesla was involved.

Self-sacrifice was always Borden's answer when they were spying other magicians' tricks back when they still work together in the same company. But what does he know of self-sacrifice? Angier will do all he could muster just to surpass Borden's magic. He has Borden's secret to uncover, but now he has his own secret to cover. To what ends must Angier meet in his quest for vengeance?

Plot twists (so many twists) are delivered blow by blow near the end.

The Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan Movie
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She had already landed the biggest role. But simply becoming the star in "Swan Lake" for the altering roles of the frail White Swan and the vile Black Swan isn't enough with a rising star [Mila Kunis] to rival her in the world of ballet. Filled with intrigue, Nina [Natalie Portman] slowly loses her mind as both her contradictory roles vie for perfection.

SE7en (1995)

Se7en Movie
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In a big city of disconsolate atmosphere, two detectives must fight all the gloom in a quest of hunting a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. Death must be awaiting his door in the veteran detective's [Morgan Freeman] old age, but awaits the young detective [Brad Pitt] at the end of the tunnel that is the investigation?

Catacombs (2007)

Catacombs Movie
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When Victoria takes her first vacation in Paris, her sister [Pink] prepared something grand for her, to welcome her into the cult of Paris Underground. But how is she supposed to belong into the circle of her sister's friends when her paranoiac mind makes her feel all the scares the Catacombs has to offer, and when shit just got real?

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

A Perfect Getaway Movie
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A newlywed couple are spending their honeymoon in Hawaii. What was supposed to be an exotic honeymoon turns sour when news of a serial killer hit the other islands, butchering a newlywed couple 2 weeks back. With a shady couple [with Chris Hemsworth] hitchhiking their car, an unnerving military guy [Timothy Olyphant] to tour them into the island, Cliff and Cidney's [Milla Jovovich] honeymoon dwells in suspicions as they hatch to make the perfect escape from probable misfortune and must likely going to take the wrong turn.

The Thing (1982)

The Thing 1982 Movie
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Well, this movie shouldn't be here. But it gave me the same feel for the rest of the films in this list.

It was boggling for the American scientists in an Antarctica expedition why the Norwegians would rather fly into their death in overstepping their territory when they refused to stop shooting a dog. Upon investigation of the Norway's camp, it was revealed that it now lies in ruins. Something terrible happened. A disturbing sight of a burnt carcass of a two-headed thing lies in the snow. Obviously, the Norwegians tried to burn it. But why burn the whole camp down?

It is imperative that the team must find the answer as The Thing has already pervaded their territory.

A movie done with the pointing-fingers method, you'll be kept on your toes while anticipating as to who will be the next victim, who among them is real, and who is not. Adapted from the book, Who Goes There?, the plot was perfectly executed with a very eerie atmosphere that cannot be comparable to its mundane counterpart of the same name which was released on 2012.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Lucky Number Slevin
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Slevin's [Josh Hartnett] visiting a friend got him caught up between the troubles of the biggest crime bosses in New York City in a case of a mistaken identity when this very friend is missing. He had to tread carefully in this new territory when the cops' eyes are on him along with a notorious assassin [Bruce Willis]. His visit sure hit the fans when he had to juggle between The Rabbi [Ben Kingsley] and The Boss [Morgan Freeman], while securing his next door neighbor-turned-lover [Lucy Liu] with his life on the line.

Evidence (2013)

Evidence Movie
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Somewhere in the deserts of Kidwell, Nevada, a group of individuals had been murdered, mostly burned to death. Four cameras were retrieved on the crime scene that will serve as forensic evidence to aid the cops. The crime was just yesterday.

Done with the shaky-camera technique, the footages reveal two gorgeous ladies on their way to fulfill their dreams to become great actors and moviemakers one day. What was supposed to be a flourishing film tour turned into a horror show when their bus took a dirt road, hit a barbed wire and toppled over, making the entire crew wander into an unknown territory of abandoned trucks with nothing but darkness to accompany them in the night.

When the footages leaked in youtube before the cops could even wrap the case, they know they are in for a tough one.

Devil (2010)

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A man jumped into his death from atop a building. It is Detective Bowden's job to investigate the case. Such a case should have been trivial to him but nothing prepared him when five people get stuck in the building's elevator for no apparent reason. When the electrical engineer died in the process, at least for the superstitious guard handling the CCTV cameras, he knew that the devil is working his way. One of them isn't someone he or she is pretending to be.

Done with what I call the pointing-fingers style, you'll be anticipating as to who will be the next victim or who among the trapped people is the devil. Is it the claustrophobic guard? The retired senior citizen? The perverted salesman? The former-soldier-sent-to-Iraq turned mechanic? Or the opportunistic alimony-sucking widow? But how will it conclude when Bowden's about to face the tragic truth of his past?

The thing about that particular screenshot is that when viewed as a very small thumbnail, you get to see a face of a man (that's just me, not intended by the movie):

Devil face
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Now You See Me (2013)


Four magicians [Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco] of different calibers are invited through a tarrot card by an anonymous man for a grander act of magic. Everything had been laid out already— their objective, the stage, and the glamour of the roles that they are going to portray, the Four Horsemen, emissaries of magic.

When millions of money were pilfered from a high-end French bank, and even the account of their own show sponsor, not only were the FBI involved but the Interpol as well.

The Four Horsemen's lives are going to run like Lupin's when a persistent FBI agent [Mark Ruffalo] is hot on their tails with an equally competent lady Interpol agent [Melanie Laurent] and a hired notorious magic cracker [Morgan Freeman] to boot, who is keen on revealing every magician's tricks while destroying the magician in the process.

Saw Seven (2010)


Though not of a misleading plot, even though I already had my suspicions, the ending jumped at my face. I have to admit, I was really surprised.

The battle rages on as Jigsaw's legacy draws to its final conclusion in this 7th installment of the Saw Series. Jigsaw's surviving victims will unite together in a support group led by a self-help mentor [Sean Patrick Flanery]. But just because Jigsaw is dead doesn't mean that his legacy died. There are those that would wrap up the whole brutal enterprise whose strength are drawn by some lies.

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