Foodgasm: Cobo Milk Tea & Snow Cream Cebu

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

Cobo: Awesome Possibiliteas

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

Cobo is located at 3rd level (or 4th floor including underground floor) of SM City Cebu beside Cinema 4. It is also available at the same venue of SM City Consolacion, 1st level of West Concourse, and 2nd level of JCenter Mall Mandaue City.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

My high school friend introduced me to Cobo last January at a full store in JCenter Mall and I'm loving it since then. After tasting various milk teas (like Bubble Tea and Moonleaf just for example), ice creams (like Dairy Queen, Selecta Magnum, Fruits 'n Ice Cream or FIC) I could say that Cobo's (Ice) Creams are quitely unique in taste. Cobo's varieties (including the milk teas) certainly have their own quality that once you taste any of them, you could say that it's definitely Cobo.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

This time, my siblings and I went to a small stall at SM City Cebu. Because it's not a full store, the counter would scream at you (figuratively) on the left as you enter. The seats are also limited. Because of this, some food variety aren't available like the Krazee Koffee series (usually P99 for 16oz and P109 for 22oz) and Taiwanese Tummy Treats: Dimsum Snacks (P49).

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

The soft colorful designs on the wall are quite pleasing to the eyes. Among Cobo's distinctive features would be the round table near the door with 4 chairs hidden underneath like slices of pizza in primary colors + green (which I forgot to take a picture).

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

I'm quite taken with the Cobo Strawberry Cream variety that I urged my sister to treat us (me and our brother) to Cobo for our bonding session food trip. And my siblings were never disappointed. My brother even swear to introduce his friends to Cobo shall they have their own bonding time.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

So we ordered all 3 of the Cobo Strawberry Cream variety (22oz at P125 each) and Salt & Pepper Chicken Taiwanese Snack (P69). I had already tasted the Mexican Chicken and the Squid Wedges Dimsum Snack before. All I could say is that this Taiwanese Tummy Treats variety tastes great! I'm still quite amazed as to how people could provide different tastes for the same strips of fried chicken and the Squid Wedges is never your usual flavor of calamari, even unique from that of Italian cooking.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

Salt & Pepper Flavor as testament by the counter guy is the buyers' favorite. The chicken strips have just the right texture and crisp with each bite. It's not crispy like a fried chicken or soft like teriyaki. It's on the middle.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea Berry + Mango Strawberry Cream

Since I love mango flavor so much (almost in all kinds of food), as usual, I had it as my order. I don't know why but in this second taste of mine of the same strawberry cream variety, I didn't taste mango that much. I remember capturing its taste the last time. It may be caused by the taste of berry being a strong flavor. Anyway, Cobo really has its way of mixing flavors. Overall, it was delicious (though somewhat bland as compared to the other two). I don't usually love strawberry flavor but in this Snow Cream variety, I could't almost recognize strawberry. As far as I can tell, what I'm tasting is this lusciously sweet fruit flavor.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea Berry + Kiwi Strawberry Cream

The Berry + Kiwi Strawberry Cream has a very sweet taste to it. The strawberry is sweet already in its own but it couldn't beat the taste of Kiwi. Kiwi is like the cheapest fruit in the States due to its availability but it doesn't exist here in the Philippines. So tasting Kiwi is definitely a new discovery. If you want to widen your library of tastes, this flavor is a must-have! Between the lack of tang of the mango flavor and the uber-sweetness of kiwi, I'd rather stick to the former. Yes, kiwi is that sweet compared to mango. My sister loved it!

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea Berry + Passin Strawberry Cream

In Berry + Passion flavor, the thought that came to my mind as I taste it is that of flavored medicine drops I used to take as a child whenever I'm sick. I'm not saying it tastes bad, even blueberry has a medicine-like taste to it. Perhaps it is only due to Pharmaceutical laboratories putting flavors to syrups so kids would take them easily. As you can tell, I'm not much into sweet foods (I don't like cakes save for the icing and the moose variety that's like ice cream to me) except chocolate as is and ice cream. So no, I don't think I'd like this one and I won't even last with 16oz of it. But my brother loved it so much I have to coax him to give me a little sip.

Awesome Cobo Milk Tea

Usually, people have their own preference of flavor in food. But there is a definite string of flavor for each sexes. For this, strawberry is USUALLY a female choice. This Cobo Strawberry Cream variety is not a gender bender, it is DEFINITELY a neutral food. For men out there, you should never be ashamed to proclaim how much you love this strawberry-flavored cream food. It is a variety for all types of people.

Cobo has a genuine natural taste to its foods. The Strawberry Cream variety for example doesn't have a sugary taste to it. It's as if it's purely organic. The fruity taste is strong and you would surely feel the grits of fruits in it, that the seeds were included in the blender. Part of the ingredients is jam so there’s sugar but not that much. I would like to say that it is safe for those who are sugar-level conscious.

Cobo is simply awesome. I'd definitely be coming back for more like what I'm already doing. I recommend this to everybody of all ages (including those on diet).

Taste: (undeniably sumptuous and unique)
Stall Space: (too small, as what you can expect from a to-go or takeout-food establishment, that's why it's always beside the cinema; even the full store ones are not roomy)
Ambience: (with its narrow space, offers no privacy but it is brightly lit with a feel-good vibe to it)
Price: (expensive for casual eating, must be for bonding with people)

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