The Hungover Games Movie Review

This is an independent movie parodying both The Hunger Games and The Hangover at the same time. Whereas The Starving Games (another parody) centered on the characters of The Hunger Games, this terrible movie centered on The Hangover cast.


Zi's Rating:

It was not the least bit funny, does not even generate a single laugh. The jokes are pathetic and the actors equally bad. They don't even resemble the characters they're trying to portray. The filmmakers could have at least cast an actor with a handsome face to mimic Bradley Cooper, instead they settled for an actor who was not even remotely funny and does not even have an ounce of charm.

It's generally tasteless and pointless. While black comedy usually have political agenda, even the simple point of making you laugh was not achieved. I could not reiterate this more. The dialogue is bland and does not tickle a sense. The writers did a poor job at conceiving the plot. I wonder how it made through production just to give the audience a headache.

Clearly the writers and the director don't have an ounce of sense or humor in their bone (or technically their brain which seemingly left them).

There's not much to say except that it's a total waste of time and money. Hence, I won't waste anything more by saying more.

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