The Last International Playboy Movie Review

The Last International Playboy Movie Review

The Last International Playboy is an independent film of 2008 (also known as Frost) by Pandemic Media. It's a delightful and soulful movie with a C+ rating. I think it's too underrated that it's not much known. It's a wonderful movie that at least teenagers craving for romance could watch.

It's not really a romantic film, it's more of a struggle of a man for love and finding his soul.


Jack is a handsome man with a communication problem when it comes to expressing his love for his bestfriend, Carolina. He had this notion that Carolina loves him too but he just couldn't get himself to tell her. He wrote a book (with Carolina as his editor) in hopes that Carolina would get the message that he loves her so much.

For seven years after his debut as a writer, he became a notorious playboy. Doing nothing for a job in that expanse of time, it's quite curious how he could manage to have at least 5 models in his bed.

Jason Behr

Jason Behr, the main actor in this film portraying Jack Frost (funny how he was named after a folklore creature) would have been a better Christian Grey has he been younger. He gives an amazing performance as a playboy with a troubled soul. He's definitely a pretty boy with a body to boot. The only thing he lacks is the height, not that he's short, he's just average making him dwarfed by women in their platform stilettos.

I think that Behr is an incredible actor and it makes me wonder why I've only met him in this film.

Do we look good together?

I don't like Monet Mazur's beauty for Carolina. If not that, both her and Behr's lack of chemistry made me not peg her for Jack Frost's HEA (Happily Ever After). Jack chasing after her is just painful to watch. If not for the number of girls involved in Jack's life I would not have finished watching this film.

Krysten Ritter has her usual role again, a perky outgoing bordering on the clumsy and reckless gal, this time an alcoholic actress named Ozzy, who's quite addicted by the concept of Jack marrying her. Well, not really. Jack was just the only friend she could trust with her well-being.

Ozzy is like the comic relief of the film. I would have said it's Jack's megalomaniac of a friend by the name Scotch who has this horrendous belief that he's a gift to women. He would try to seduce them by introducing himself that people refer to him as 'The Candy Man' (*gags*). He's a fatty. How would girls be attracted to him if not for his money as he's working for TV?

Fatty Scotch looks trying too hard to be funny. But when Jack hit his own nerve and was gone for 4 days, with the help of an 11-year-old girl, Scotch's image was redeemed as a real friend to Jack. 

The actress playing as Kate, a writer for a magazine 'Veneer' writing an article about playboys (which initially would have been about Scotch but instead settled for the pretty boy Jack who after having a messed affair with him was titled 'The Last International Playboy' where the film got its title), Lucy Gordon reminds me of now famous actress Olivia Wilde.

I think Lucy is a prettier actress and she's just amazing here. It makes me wonder why I've never seen her before. And the dedicaation by the end of the film answered why. She died 2 days before her 29th birthday on 2009 which is just too sad. She would have done way much better in her career after this film. 28 is just too young for one to die. She's a real gem that Hollywood lost.

India Ennenga gave an amazing performance as the 11-year-old girl Sophie who befriended Jack. Their first encounter at the elevator of the building where they both live is quite funny. Here you have a pretty man in a simple brownish shirt holding what appears to be a pizza box gets chatted up by a young female character as if to say,
He has that effect even to little girls.

Sophie is an open-minded intelligent girl that no one would learn not to love especially when she said to Ozzy,
We could share him.

And no, she isn't a dirty girl. She's just a thoughtful and good-natured person if not slightly opportunistic when she asked Jack to accompany her for trick-or-treating and even Scotch for her school's Career Day. Both the script and the screenplay are great. The story is awesome when it involved Sophie and that old man as the guard-cum-receptionist of the Manhattan complex where the film is mostly set.

The tracks are amazing. All the music used here are great embellishment to the scenes where they are used.

If I didn't write my web post about A Playboy’s Guide to Life, I wouldn't have chanced upon this film while I did my personal research. The Last International Playboy is a wonderful film that it's baffling everyone missed it.

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