The Starving Games Movie Review

This film is a big flop in the US and has been panned by critics. But to me, this independent film is one of the funniest parody movies I've ever watched. Making a spoof out of the first The Hunger Games movie, it is arguably a comedy to set off every laugh possible at every turn especially to those who have a taste for pop culture, mostly to those who know how to memespeak.


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Jokes are made out of various internet references (especially viral vids)–from Double Rainbow guy to Annoying Orange. Even games like Candy Crush was not spared. The Harry Potter trio and some cast of The Hobbit even wandered to the setting.

Words of caution though: If you're not updated with what's hot on the internet or in the cinema culture, or even consumer products (makes me wonder if companies pay for such wise product placements), odds are you might miss some jokes.

But even if you're not updated with what's latest on 2013, you will still be laughing hysterically as the jokes are sick (like wickedly funny)! The writers (and directors Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer) definitely have the natural sense of humor.

Please do watch out for West Bentley's copycat (the Gamekeeper), his beard will definitely crack your jaw open from uncontrollable laughter. Also, the bloopers at the end just before the credit rolls are worth every tears of laughter.

Katniss Everdeen from the parodied movie was replaced by Kantmiss Everashot (ever-a-shot) which is just apt when she's a crack shot with a longbow.

With limited budget, the filmmakers made a great job of staying true with The Hunger Game's setting. The special effects might be mediocre but it's like a joke on its own. All the actors are relatively unknown but they were all great at being funny. I think I have to owe it to the equally unknown directors.

Impersonators are even given jobs when they have to act out the roles they have to portray e.g. Taylor Swift and The Indispensables.

Running at 140 minutes, your time (and money) won't be wasted for the fast pace and generated laughs. If this movie won't keep you laughing, I'm afraid to say that there must be something wrong with you.


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