7 Reasons Why Commenting Lets Me Down

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Judge-y Commenters

When you comment in websites telling the post-author what makes their article sloppy (e.g. giving false information, or just some errata) and they use the Facebook social plugin...

The author then corrects his/her mistakes (change mistaken country to city etc.). Unthinking people then think about how stupid you could be for "ranting" about nothing, not even wondering why your comment got hundreds of like. Now they bombard you with negative comments in Facebook and you keep explaining to almost every one of them about how the article used to misinform.

Commenting in 9gag

I love how anyone can be honest with their comments there. You can comment in any way you want no matter how silly. In fact, the comment section is bombarded by lots of ludricous comments you'd either laugh or be appalled. 9gag has its own language (memespeak) and veterans could easily understand the message of the average 9gagger.

Mechanism: There's an upvote and downvote option per comment (same with the post).

All is well until you comment something that sounds so serious (because you can't talk the 9gag way, can't sound satire). While you don't receive downvotes, there will always be that one comment which replied to your comment that sounds so harsh. You then get called by so many names (it's normal to use profanity), you can't help but feel down.

Pissed Author

You head over to big websites and comment about something to think about in their post (or issues talked about in their post). You comment about your honest thought without degrading someone or something. It just so happens that your thought doesn't go in line with theirs (or their beliefs). Out of the hundreds of comments, you will be left wondering why your comment was chosen to be REMOVED.

Should I feel sad? My comment after all hit reached the author.

Lack of "Suggestion Box"

This website does not have a suggestion "box" (no email, no contact form, whatsoever) and you don't know how to tell anyone (the webmaster, the post author/writer) about your suggestion. They post articles that are worth reading but the plugins used are not so friendly they gave you headache (*Oh, please just stop blinking!*). So you comment in the comment box about your suggestion. People reply to your comment and your comment gets upvoted by 20+ until the author deletes your comment.

High-hat Author

You comment normally in posts (because you love to comment) and it's your way to express you love the post. Author misunderstands you and your comment is marked as spam for reasons you just can't understand. You don't even post links. You just comment a sentence or two. You'll be wondering, will "bland" comments be always removed? If so, which is better? To have a comment or not to have a comment in your post?

Between the author being snobby and the commenting system being glitchy, I believe the former especially if you have different comments on different days marked as spam. That's way too much for coincidence.

Judges... judges everywhere

You post in your blog that expresses... just something. And you feel empowered as a person because you feel so free to post your own writing. While no comment appears on your post, in your social medium, someone writes the word, ho.

One word. Just that one word and it ruins your day.

When you deserve it.

As much as hard it is to admit but sometimes you just comment something worth all the downvotes. And you deserve that shitty feeling thereafter.

These are my commenting woes. It's for this reason when I head over to small blogs, I just read the blog and leave after reading. I don't mind these template comments:

Great post!

Awesome list!


Works like a charm!

Those are your readers' way of expressing how they appreciate your post. But if my not-from-template-comments get removed for whatever reason, it feels as if there's no reason for me to comment at all. Now I'm in a state where commenting is disappointing.

I feel so discouraged to express myself. Shall I just huddle here in my own corner (my blog)?

Yeah, it's just me. Apparently I'm so sensitive I get hurt easily. But no matter what, I'm still going to comment. Oh no, I won't talk about the freedom of expression thingy (in digress, while you're free to say anything you want, people are also free to react to you in any way they want). Sometimes, when I feel so down, I head over to Wendy's blog. Not only does Wendy experienced lots of negative comments, hate mails and all, she's one headstrong woman. She's very honest with her blog, you'd admire her. Wendy has no idea how much she gives courage to other people who are down.

Another website that also makes me feel so free as a person: ThoughtCatalog. Read the posts and the comments and you'll see that everybody there is experiencing thought freedom.

Now, feel free to comment. :)

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