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building your website

  • Want to have responsive navigation menu? Here's 20 Best Responsive Navigation and Menu Patterns to choose from: [9kdesigns]
  • Social buttons are helpful for the publicity of your website and just sharing in general. Here's pure social sharing buttons applicable to any website for free! [SimpleSharingButtons]
The above is the best since the codes are free and you can integrate the social icons with font-awesome!
  • Now that you've created your own social-sharing feature, why not integrate it with a counter? DonReach offers a Social Share Count API guaranteed to sum up your shares from different social-media platforms available to their API. You can see the one I made on the left side of the screen. The counting return is kind of slow due to the large amount of traffic they're getting but it's working. [donReach]
  • Speaking of font-awesome, replace your image with image-font/font-icons instead (called font-awesome). The major source would be: [BootstrapCDN]
  • And the link I use is: [this]
Once you add that like as a meta tag in your head, use font-awesome like this:
<i class='fa fa-lg fa-code'></i>

The class fa indicates you use font-awesome, class fa-lg indicates you want the font to be 33% bigger in size (if you want the default size then don't put it), fa-code is the image you'd like to show. You can see the different codes from the link above.

  • If you don't like the social sharing link above, then this website “plugins” that work everywhere: [tutsplus]
  • Or better yet, you can buy sleek and flat design from: [CodeCanyon]
  • Having border problems when viewing your website on different gadgets? Here's how to beat borders problems in a responsive web design: [designshack]
  • For blogger, if you want to make your own template from scratch, then use this detailed guide: [BloggerYard]
  • Furthermore, a guide to make your website responsive: [ShayHowe]
  • Linux' gedit (text editor) could do tons: coding with python, fortran, javascript, C and xml among others. It's the best xml editor I could find since the codes are written with colors (pink, purple, blue, green, dark green, black) that you won't get confused with your codes. You'd definitely know where your function starts and where it ends even without proper indentation. But unless you use a linux distro for your OS, you'll not have an enjoyable coding experience. Since we're taking about xml files, you could head up to an xmlviewer by [Codebeautify]
It's not half as good as gedit but it will do. Just make sure your internet connection is always on. You could also compare your old code with your new one (that is most probably open in your web platform) with this.
  • There's a new hot text editor in town. [Atom] is a text editor that's modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file.
  • Still don't know where to host your files? Why not take inspiration from your favorite websites and see where they got their sites hosted. Stalk 'em up via: [WhoIsHostingThis]
  • Want to see in-depth analysis and statistics of other websites? Head over to: [Hypestat]. It will even show you daily unique visits and page views of a website. You can check your competitor's stats here.
  • So you're transacting business with someone you met in the virtual world (perhaps you hire them for a job to create or fix your website) and you're not sure if they can be trusted. If this person is from the USA, background check will be easy. Search complete, up-to-date public records for criminal and court systems in the U.S. through []. It provides links to sites with legal records or background information on people so can have your peace of mind to determine if you're employing someone with a criminal record.
  • The best open source of codes (& private projects): [github]
  • If you have any problem with your codes: [StackOverflow]
  • Now you have your website up and running, it's time to create the contents. For a starter, you might not be aware that you could be doing wrong. The worst thing you could do would be plagiarize one's content (even “borrowing” pictures is also stealing). You sure don't want to wind up being taken down by your webhost. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) aims to avoid theft of digital or intellectual properties. To understand what DMCA is all about, this will help: [DMCA Guide]
  • Lastly, while away your time with websites that will change your life: [Dose]

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