28 Days Later (2002): Movie Review

28 Days Later

A viral infection has spread in England coming from faulty experiments on animals, making their blood and saliva contagious to living beings. When Jim woke up in a hospital, he found himself alone and desolate in the whole city until he came across two other survivors. They told him that the infection has spread throughout the world. The city has fallen and people turned into a running dead, hungry for meat. With other survivors he met, together, they must go to a safer place and survive.


This movie followed after The Dawn of the Dead, with fast-speed zombies instead of slow. This is the movie that pioneered a protagonist waking himself up from a coma in a hospital only to find himself alone with dead bodies piling up below his feet and the city into tatters. Later, he'll find other survivors and together, he'll try to reunite with his family either dead or alive.


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