Just Some of My Penchants

Each one of us has a definite liking to something. Whether it'd be food, clothes, houses, the sibling we never had, or even the color we want the sky to be (not that I wish it was of another color), we are certain of what we want—wants that will only remain as, well, wants. We always want something that we could never have or hope to have in the future if chances will give.

Okay, enough with the formalities. I'm not talking about things or technically, objects here. What I want to share here are the things that I certainly want or like about a guy... physically. Uhm, not that I could put all of them in one package. I'll be stating the things that will certainly make me drool (at the back of my head) just like how I do while asleep. Oops, gross! I'm sorry about that. That's just me. I hope that even with this in mind, my sexual prowess won't diminish (like whut?).

The list here is pretty much my standard when it comes to liking a male protagonist in books, and also my standard in drawing males.

Okay, so here is my list of some of my penchants:

Zettai Ryouiki

- that territory between the legs and the knee-high socks. Because I'm talking about guys here, it is applicable to Football players. What I mean with this is that a man must not skip leg day. He must have well-toned thighs.

Snappy/Elegant Posture

- in Tagalog, matikas na tindig. I really don't know how to define this. Basically, a man must have an upright posture that looks sharp. People with scoliosis should get themselves fixed.

Nice-looking back

—and that includes a firm butt because I'm a back person. Do you know that feeling when even without seeing the guy up front, just by looking at his back you get to say, "Oh, just how does it feel like to hug you from the back?" There were times I was looking at a man's back and I find his back beautiful. I was disappointed when he turned around because as it turned out, his face does not look pleasing.

Deep-set eyes

Have you noticed guys in their pictures of your glossy magazine squinting their eyes as if the sun just raged on them just to look better? They are trying to achieve this look. Well, guys with a natural deep-set pair don't have to.

Silky Smooth Fair or Olive skintone (aka tanned)

I don't mind if his skin looks rough if he's from the armed forces.

Defined Jawline/Prominent Jaws

Nowadays, pretty much everything is achievable in the cosmetics industry. To look pretty, you only have to have a plastic surgery. But there's one thing that no doctor could doctor: a beautiful bone structure.

Thick brows

It is more beautiful for a guy to have natural thick brows because girls can fix theirs with a pencil.

Straight nose

Men should have a natural elegant nose since it is expected of them to have a machismo. Often men break their nose in a fistfight. It would be so ugly to see a silicone flying when a man breaks his nose.

Thin upper lip

It is said that the thinner the upper lip of a man, the more testosterone he has. More testosterone means more energy in the sack.

Chiseled cheekbone

You know that thing they call a high cheekbone? That's the description often used for elegant beauties among royal families.

Semi-bald cut

Nothing beats a guy wearing his baby-ish hair and still looks great! This cut makes a guy's head look clean and with this, I can have a fair judgment if his longer hair only compensated for whatever he lacks in his looks. After all, the hair is the crowning glory.

Broad shoulders

Nothing is more comforting than getting comforted by a guy with broad shoulders.

(Tongue-licking) Abs

Enough said! Although there's a saying in the body-building community,

Don't look down on fat men with flabby stomach. You don't know if beneath those fats lies 8-pack abdominal muscles if not the rare 10.

There are lots of men now with six-pack abs. But no matter how hard you work on your body, if you can only have a 4-pack like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you'll only have four-pack abs. It's for this that body-conscious people would encourage everybody to get fit. It is such a waste to hide that gift that can never be doctored: the potential to have an 8-pack.

Has mannerism with the tongue

This shows how playful he is.*evil grin*

Sturdy Legs

—Show how strong he is. Well, it's more on symmetry and proper-looking legs. Sorry, Jensen Ackles. You might be smokin' but I don't like bow legs.

Yabang Factor/Confidence

It's much better to lash at braggers than to deal with insecure people.

Ability to talk wet, uhm appropriately (however appropriate means)

Domineering personality (in a nice way)

This seems almost like an oxymoron. Well, there's no better relationship than to get into a relationship with an Alpha male.

Sporty attitude

These are men who'd laugh at jokes instead of getting triggered.

Into any Martial Arts

—but not necessarily a black-belter or a seventh dan. Sure, as a woman, you don't want to be the one who'd wind up protecting your man in a fight, do you?

Gorgeous Smile

—and probably with dimples. This comes with nice pearly whites.

Tall Height

Yeah, I know I'm just small. I don't really care if I have to look up to him. A tall height is everyone's staple if you didn't notice.

Toned biceps

I like a man who lifts. That helps a lot with carrying the grocery bags.

Well-defined face

This is like the overall package of the face. His features should be well-chiseled.

So these are the basic things that I like about a guy, my inclinations when it comes to their aesthetic value. I don't think they can be considered as fetishes except for the first one. But it doesn't matter because what matters is that they give pleasure.

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