The Covenant (2006): Movie Review

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Four handsome youth jumped off a cliff in the dead of night to attend a party, organized in a forest below by a group of young students. It is where Caleb Danvers met a new girl in school that he likes, Sarah. The police came, they went into a car chase, had the pleasure with the use of their supernatural powers. But with all actions, there is always an equal repercussion.

Meanwhile, something perturbed Sarah back at the dormitory. When Caleb heard of it, he thought it was the doing of Reid, the most brooding among the four of them. In their town, there was an old tale of families of witches who fled there surviving the brutal Witch-hunting in Europe. Among the five families of Ipswich, only four remained. And among the four, Caleb was the strongest. And yet, he's been haunted by a stronger power he couldn't understand.

Suspicion troubled the four sons of Ipswich with a report of a student found dead inside a car in the vicinity where the party was held. Moreover, a presence of a Darkling with the form of the dead student was sent to Caleb.

A hot new girl, a troubled mother, a doubtful friend, a power to control and a new boy in school to look out for are just few of Caleb's troubles that threaten to tear their brotherhood of secrecy apart now that he's nearing his birthday, a phase in his life that will change everything he has ever known.

courtesy of Screen Gems

The Cast

Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers
Laura Ramsey as Sarah Wenham
Sebastian Stan as Chase Collins
Taylor Kitsch as Pogue Parry
Chace Crawford as Tyler Simms
Toby Hemingway as Reid Garwin

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Opening Remarks of the film

No one really knows how the Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted. In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal persecution of those with The Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the families of Ipswich formed a Covenant of silence. And for 300 years, it has kept them safe. Until now.


This movie is not one of those corny and trying hard movies just trying to fit the taste of teenagers unlike what most would say. Perhaps, that was just me because I really like it. But this isn't one of those substantial movies either. Maybe it really is just a teenybopper movie after all. Still, even if the casting of hot actors did play a huge role in the marketing of the film, The Covenant has a good and definitive plot.

The pace is just right, running at an hour and 37 minutes with full credits. The ambiance is not that much of the really dark atmosphere typical of witches movies, it's bordering on teenage mystery. Well, the movie adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie (1976) is a film catered for teens but it's very heavy on darkness and scare factor with a capital S. Well, it had something to do with the times. The past was more lax than the sensitive present. Obviously, with a lack of gore, The Covenant was catered for a much lower rate to serve a wider audience.

Actually, after the first minute of the film, I was more interested with the actions of the guys than with the story. And probably the same goes for you too. If you won't be interested with the story, you'd probably be interested with the guys. I bet that this is one of those not so famous movies (if not really unknown) teeming with hotness and gorgeousness in a dark genre of a movie.

If you want to feast your eyes with sexy gooey goodness, this movie is for you! About the cast, Chace Crawford of Gossip Girls was still a "baby" in this film and Taylor Kitsch of Battleship wasn't famous yet. My favorite among them is none other than the protagonist, Steven Strait who apparently doesn't have that much projects and thus, comes behind Chace and Taylor in the movie industry as of recent. He was first seen as the brooding pyrokinetic Warren Peace in Sky High.


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