Los Ojos de Julia/Julia's Eyes (2010): Movie Review

Courtesy of DeAPlaneta

After her sister's death, Julia together with her husband Isaac comes to Sara's house to arrange for her funeral. As her eyes are degenerating to blindness, clues to her sister Sara's death surfaces. Her death must not have been caused by suicide as reported by the police due to her nonacceptance of her inevitable  blindness. As she slowly loses her eyesight, Julia speculates that the invisible man haunting her must have killed her sister. Her investigation went into spiral along with her total blindness and the death of a loved one. Soon, with her newly acquired eyesight, she'll witness the truth.


The first thing I noticed for the first minute of this Spanish film is boobies! I know that men are visual creatures. But for this film, I realized that so do women. The main character has a really hot body despite her age. OMG, what am I talking about? Basically, the actress' physique is very distracting. Silly Spanish filmmakers...

The film has a so-so pace. It's not the type that will make you feel rushed for a horror film. There are some great effects but have become its drawbacks. For example, the dark room camera flashes. The film appeared to be somewhat a ripoff from the horror Thai blockbuster hit, Shutter—that effect when the guy has to shoot lots of pictures in the dark to see his target using flash.

Overall, I'm not pleased with the film but not displeased either. Is it worth the watch? I could say yes, it's worth the time.


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