My Realistic Sexual Dreams in Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Sex Dream
Most of us had experienced having sex in dreams at least once in our life. And for males, they call it ‘wet dreams’ for their bodily response would involve staining the sheets with their semen (ejaculation) and more often than not, pee. But it’s quiet different for females since getting an orgasm even in coitus is hard to achieve. While it is easy for men to be pleasured in any sexual activity, it is quite hard for women. A lot of the female population claimed of "not feeling" their partners once inside. While their partners enjoy what they’re doing, some females don’t, even if they love their partners.

Of course, there are other places in the female anatomy to satisfy a woman but the main concern is always the center of the womanhood. But luckily, there are females who don’t fret about this. They’re what the scientists call the lucky few (as what my previous professor claimed). In fact, they don’t need a sexual partner to satisfy their needs for they can do it on their own—without physical penetration. And that’s where sex dreams come in.

Realistic sex dreams happen to lucid dreamers.
Lucid dreams are dreams in which you know at the time that you are dreaming. That they are different from ordinary dreams is obvious as soon as you have one. The experience is something like waking up in your dreams. It is as though you ‘come to’ and find you are dreaming.
-Susan Blackmore

Dream Sex
This is part of Susan Blackmore’s article (Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep?) about dream sex:

Stephen LaBerge tested a woman who could dream lucidly at will and could direct her dreams to create the sexual experiences she wanted. (What a skill!) Using appropriate physiological recording, he was able to show that her dream orgasms were matched by true orgasms (LaBerge, Greenleaf, and Kedzierski 1983).

Experiments like these show that there is a close correspondence between actions of the dreamer and, if not real movements, at least electrical responses. This puts lucid dreaming somewhere between real actions, in which the muscles work to move the body, and waking imagery, in which they are rarely involved at all.

LaBerge, S., W. Greenleaf, and B. Kedzierski. 1983. Physiological responses to dreamed sexual activity during lucid REM sleep. Psychophysiology, 20 454-45s.

The perks of having realistic stimulating dreams:

  1. You can have sexual pleasures without necessarily having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  2. It's not messy. There's no exchange of bodily fluids, no sweat and no risk of transmitting STDs.
  3. You won't get tired as the session happens while you're asleep.
  4. Orgasm is fast and easy to achieve so long as you keep your focus until you achieve it even inside a minute.
  5. It's possible to have multiple orgasms which is very hard to achieve after the first onset in the waking life.
  6. You can break away from your inhibitions.
    • When you know you would never engage in ménage, you can do it without guilt inside your own dream. You're not betraying anyone anyway.
  7. You can do it with the man of your dreams.
    • Because I'm an artistic person and I love drawing my men hyperrealistically (especially with deep-set eyes), bringing about my man in my dreams is almost the same as drawing him in pencil. The only difference is that my mind could draw him faster.
  8. Anything is possible.
    • I've never had sex in real life let alone have anal. But I experienced entry from the backdoor twice!
  9. No one (as in no one, unless you get caught by another lucid dreamer) will know you are having a sexual dream while you're at it.
    • Because anything is possible, with your actual room being the setting of your dream, you could do all the humping motion even when in the waking life, you share the bed with someone.

      In fact, there are times that in my dream, I felt like I was touching myself, biting my fingers and once, my partner gagged me with my own hand. But in reality, my body was never moved. So don't fear doing the doggy or cowgirl style. All your limbs stay the way they are (as you fell asleep) although you will feel you move them in however you do in your dream.

There are also other sex researchers who studied about this. Kinsey and his associates presented some reliable statistics as to the frequency of this type of sexual outlet.
-Magnus Hirschfield Archive for Sexology, Orgasm During Sleep

There are at least two ways to approach the idea of having sex in dreams:

It's all your brain.

All physical sensations are merely manifested by the brain. Only your brain could touch every single cell in your body. Thus, only your own brain could explore every erogenous zone that your partner could never reach. Many Russian and American Scientific Journals could support this.

You've been psychically touched...

by any of these: ghost, malignant entity, incubus/succubus, malevolent demons.

I have long discarded #2. The mere fact that I could create my own partner at whim means that my brain made everything possible.

But of course, before I got comfortable with my own ability, I had been sleeping in nightmares before. And because I treated them as nightmares, they'd come so often. Now that I'm confident with what I could do (and I don't sleep much because I love reading books), lucid dreaming is slowly slipping away from me. :(

I used to sleep in fear before because I'm afraid that my soul will be damned because I easily give in to you know in my dreams. Reading paranormal romance series helped me to transform these fears into my guilty pleasures. Also, reading Cosmopolitan magazines did help a lot. The psychology of this is that so many people are having problems in their relationship because of sex and yet, I try to reject what I could get for free.

What I'm going to share was typewritten on 2011. I was still fearful that time that's why I have this stuck. [Update: Now that it's already 2014, I have more happy entries in my diaries.]


Show/Hide Content Anyway, now here come my stories (2011 only):

I had lots of sex dreams before but they’re not realistic. I can only feel the nice sensation but not the feeling of penetration. And all throughout, I did it with just one person. And inside those dreams, it is implied that I’m experiencing sex… until I experienced this once…

Touched for the very first time

My first realistic dream sex happened when my mixed hentai fantasy meddled in my dream. The guy? A huge generic-looking dude married to someone (just a random imagery). I had an affair with him in that dream. We stole a night together while his wife was away. I remember his huge, wide at the girth erect shaft with him sitting in a chair. I faced him while I thrust myself into him (I couldn’t believe that I’m the one who did it!) As his huge hard shaft gained entry into the crevice of my womanhood, I could feel myself being torn apart. It was very painful. In fact, I became fully aware of my sex. I could feel the walls of my vagina quivering. By then, I am half-awake, half-asleep but the dream won’t end. I rode him hard above the chair, thrusting myself in and out. But that was so brief. The wind of passion passed in a minute for I finally woke up feeling guilty with such infidelity. Alongside with the guilt of having to do it with him and not someone I love, I woke up with the stinging ache down below. I could even still feel him the whole day which was so weird for I never ever had sex with anyone.

The second session

(Let’s skip the ‘story’ and go to the juicy part) For some reasons, we only had our shirts on. We’re in spoon position and then the guy lifted my left leg before gaining entry. As he planted himself inside me, I could feel the pain at the base of my womanhood. He was slowly thrusting himself inside me but then midway, he made a full thrust in one swift motion that I woke up feeling the pain and guilt for adultery. It felt like I’m betraying someone.

About the guy, I don’t really hold a crush on him, but I like him. In fact, my dream started with a huge crush of mine (by then, I got the feeling over) asking that if he were to court me then, would I accept him? I answered, “No, I don’t like you anymore.” And then the dream changed to a scene with me and another crush of mine who’s years way younger than me atop a mango tree. We talked and then he advanced to kissing me in which the kiss landed to my cheek in my evasion (much to my disappointment!). I told him that it wasn't right. I jumped down the tree and walked away in haste and suddenly, I was in my room back at my hometown. Of course, I was surprised why I was there. And then I realized I was only dreaming. When I turned around, I saw the guy (the one who did me). We talked and then… I presumed we had a mutual agreement that we’d do it because the next thing I knew, he was fondling me from behind. And then he said, “Are you ready? I’m putting it in.” Before I could answer, he was already inside. I could explain why it was so easy for this guy to get inside me. He’s an aggressive person in our martial arts classes.


I live in a country where superstitions thrive and Christian virtues are more important than money. With all that happened to me, in a way, I thought I was being haunted by a bad spirit (in our language, minaligno despite having known lots of scientific explanations. I was enveloped by fear just by the thought of it and yet, I anticipate for another sack session in my dream.

How I broke my hymen (happened on March 2011)

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and I still don’t get laid (in my dream). But I could still remember all the sensations which limit only in the lower half of my body. I grow weary waiting for another dream that no longer visits me. And then, I got curious. I couldn't hold myself any longer! I just lost it! March 2011—I fingered myself. I started with mere fondling below. I just touch myself there, caressing my femininity along the folds. Lying in my bed, I proceeded to my clit which to my surprise, brought a nice tingling sensation (like small waves, vibrations) to my whole legs down to my toes! It was so weird, the sensation it brought was so intense! But then I got more curious. I went to the CR with a mirror and flashlight and took a good look of myself. I saw a plus-like tear below. At first, I slightly put my forefinger inside. It was so painful already… like how I felt when the guy in my dream had himself at my base. I was guilty at first but then I totally lost my inhibition rightafter. I thrust my finger in, I realized it was smooth-sailing. I stroked myself inside out. And then one thing led to another. It hurt breaking through myself but when I finally put a third finger inside and did myself a rhythm, I realized that I don’t really feel that much. The pain subsided and was overcame by a slight nice feeling. But not really pleasure. It wasn't what I expected. I thought that I could feel the walls of my vagina but I couldn't. I could only feel my vagina opening, unlike in my dreams wherein I could feel everything inside me.

The dreams were far better. For three days, I have tiny spottings in my pad. Maybe I broke my hymen. On my own. It’s so sad. I really wanted to give it to my husband. But, I just felt so horny and doing it myself is far better than doing it with some random partner. Besides, I never had a boyfriend. Of course, for a week, I felt sore (literally and metaphorically).

Third session (the best, long and fulfilling. happened a month later)

It was like a harem. At first, I was in an alley, very weak and vulnerable. (Which was absurd! For one, how come I didn't have my martial arts skills with me? Two, I know that I’m in a dream so pulling out a gun would be very easy. Besides, I’m a crackshot in real life. Three, I’m always a psychokinetic person in my dream. I can do things like what Darth Vader can do. So being weak in a dream calls for a sexual one.)

Some old geezer wanted me so bad that he pulled my undergarments down. Suddenly, he forced himself inside me. But I was able to escape at the first thrust. As I ran away, I met a doctor. I tried to confide into him but he too, tried to penetrate me. I ran and ran until I crossed upon three cowboy cops. I tried to report the two perverts but they too, wanted to rape me. (Like really weird, huh?) In fact, the scene was like that of a gang rape. They rendered me totally naked after tearing all my clothes off. Even if my mind decline and only try to remember a good memory, in that dream, they did gang raped me: in my mouth, in my womanhood (I would like to say pussy), and up my ass. And this is how my hentai imagery manifested. So I woke up a bit, but pleasure was taking me in that when I slept back, I was running again with the whole town chasing after me, all men’s intention was to fuck me hard. This is the power of a lucid dreamer, can call on to a dream and continue it. And honestly, I wanted more. But sanity was overcoming me that in that dream, I directed everything to start anew, that I was a virgin again (in the dream; i'm still a virgin IRL). My sanctity was taking me over. My mission then: give my virginity to someone I like before the rest do it with me.

So I imagined a handsome guy. And then we fucked hard and long. I could feel an energy waving through my whole body. We came a lot of times but soon I realized that he didn't really look like how I wanted him to be. My impression in that dream was that he’s French. So I started anew again. It’s not that I have something against French people. I just prefer my ideal guy. And I honestly dunno why I don't like french.

Again, I was a virgin and he became one of those men chasing after me. In fact, he (the French) was the strongest among competitors. So I kept on running, town after town. I imagined a guy whose black hair are parted at the middle with the left part tousled in disarray backwards with his bangs hanging at the right side of his face. And then, his prominent jaws. I imagined a deep-set pair of eyes. And then, his straight nose and tall built. Now, that’s my dream guy! But I couldn't ‘bring him to life’. And that’s how I came to calling a name.

There's power in giving your partner a name in your dreams.

Apparently, it’s my childhood friend’s name. The guy I’m trying to bring was like an adult version of my first love :). I’m only sure of his eyes and how he don his hair for I never saw him since I was seven (yissssss). Actually, he’s that one I mentioned about always having sex dreams with. I screamed his name many times and then he appeared... but atop a building. I have to squint my eyes as he's standing against the light, with the sun glaring behind him. He smiled (and my knees turned to mallows) before running away.

So I chased after him with much effort. I really felt like crying. He’s there but I couldn't reach him. He went through a series of hanged clothes and I ran and ran after him, sweeping all the clothes away from my face. He was teasing me. “Catch me if you can,” he said with a cool soothing baritone voice and turned his head to face me. I saw a glimpse of his handsome face against the light. My heart pounded. I was half-awake half-asleep then. In reality, I was gasping for air. It was so hard for me to breathe that I had my mouth open. Breathing was like fighting tooth and nail. I struggled to keep my eyes closed so as not to lose sight of him. He said something to me. I love how his voice sounded. But I couldn't make out what he was saying as I was drifting between reality and the dream. He ran away again. And then I saw a glimpse of him, with his head away as he ran into a hut. I went after him inside the hut and found him running to the other door.

I was so afraid I won't find him anymore outside. So I sprinted towards him with hope of finally reaching him. I plunged myself to him, knocking both of us on the dry dirt.

I cried myself out and begged him to plant himself inside me. (Very disappointing!) I explained the situation. But when I finally see him viz-a-viz, his face was already vague and as he was talking to me, he has a somewhat high-pitched ‘ugly’ voice but I know he was the same person. We really can’t get what we always wanted. I uttered his name and he smiled, a vague smile. He agreed to my plea and we started kissing. In reality, I could feel my mouth twitching in ways and my tongue moving. But of course, there’s no bodily fluid involved. But what matters is the act and the feeling of being kissed deeply. My stomach turned to knots. I don’t know how I brought myself to have my tongue roll with his in fashion. I haven’t been kissed before.

Then he carefully dropped me in the ground. He positioned himself above me, he was sitting and I was lying down. I could feel the tingling pain as the head of his cock entered the base of my femininity. In an instant, he drove himself into me.

I could feel my womanhood stretching, the pain together with the pleasure. Then he stopped. And I fear of losing him for this might be an indication of me finally waking up. But we didn't stop there. We rocked hard in unison. I swear, I could feel the whole walls of my vagina being touched by something solid! It had this unique vibration. I could feel it contracting and expanding. He stopped again and this time, drove into me in one swift motion. I could feel the throbbing pain as his huge hard shaft reached ‘the roof’ inside me as he drove into me deeper. And I don’t know if it’s possible in real life. But I totally swear, I was fully aware of my reproductive organ below quivering. Everything vibrated, the energy there was undeniable. We fucked longer than I could imagine with all the men finally reaching me, stunned to see me being fucked by somebody else. Imagine the pleasure of being surrounded by such a crowd, (okay, I really want to sound like a smut) being watched with a pussy eating a penis whole, open for everybody’s eyes to see. But then, everything has to come to an end. The pleasure was too much for my body to take that my mind drifted off to wake up. I was still well-aware of him thrusting in and out of me as I slowly drift to reality. Weird though, I became awake after screaming Jesus.

Now, here comes the fun part. I woke up hearing a ticking loud popping noise. Then I realized it was the sound made by the pulsing contraction and expansion of the walls of my vagina. The ‘pop’ sounds every time my vagina goes to a relax mode from a stretched mode. And I lied waiting in my bed for my body to relax and feeling the sensation the pulsating motion down there did to me. And then I felt embarrassed. My roommate was still awake at the other bed. And then, I felt something wash over me, heat from the top of my head to my toes and my body relaxed. I asked my roommate how long I had been sleeping. And she said, not that long. In fact, she was surprised that I was asleep already. Looking at my clock, I realized that I had been asleep for about ten minutes.

Another Sexy Dream (Oct.4 '11, morning)

I’ll cut things short. (Yes, this is short already) I thought I actually woke up. First, I saw my roommate diagonal to me woke up and then the one behind me. The one behind me asked what the dinner was and I found it weird because I knew she ate dinner last night. I woke up in a fetal position, facing left with the bible in my sight, and answering her question but I can’t really remember what I said. (The setting is purely our real room as my eyes are half-open) She replied that it was—the food’s name sounds so complicated. And I said, ‘No, it wasn't ’ And I’m getting confused by myself. Then she went to my bed saying something like she’d borrow something for a while. (Yeah, it’s just always something) I straightened myself in the bed as she approached me. I heard a weird sounding noise like that from a snake, a komodo dragon or whatever in the background all throughout. She pulled my right leg and let it rest on my pillow against the wall which is weird again for I have my pillow under my head. In reality, my right leg was propped up, curled over my anime stuff toy. She was leaving the room then. And even though her voice sounds the way it is, her speaking mannerism sounds so manly.

As she opened the door, she said, ‘No, the dinner was—*sounds French to me again.*‘ (She mentioned it twice and every time I hear the name of that meal, diamond comes to mind)

“It was *the food* with sausages,” she said to me the last word smugly, as if with a smirk. I can’t see her face but that’s the kind of impression she gave me.

I didn't realize how she had gotten back in the room again. This time, I heard her infuriated ugly voice. I didn't know what she was angry about but I remember something like I didn't do something. She was fixing the pillow in my head and I could feel my hair in all ways tousled. Of course, I said, “Hey, what are you doing?” And she answered something. I was the one who felt apologetic for it seemed like I’m the one who trespassed her.

After that, an invisible man pulled my stuff toy ‘downwards’, parallel to the bed. I always hug my huge bean bag stuff toy (the other stuff toy) with both hands when I’m sleeping. What appeared was that it was being pulled from my grasp down to my feet. But the vision went like I was pulling back an invisible stuff toy. The next thing I knew, I have my left arm curled to my side. And then it felt like he was pulling me ‘downwards’ to the other end of the bed. But it wasn't really for I would have felt a cold bar touching a specific part of my left foot despite the fact that it is under my thick blanket. My feet actually felt like touching something hard and solid. I could feel the whole soles of my feet against an invisible wall. My lips twitched and formed an O. I had become fully aware of myself and the man. He occupied my whole senses.

And then I got the lower half of my body somewhat elevated. I couldn't see him for he is invisible but I could feel as he hoisted himself above me. My heart went panting. And he thrust himself inside me. I closed my eyes, grasping for air and feeling him inside me. He was rocking with me and then, I felt my body swaying left to right, vice versa, and we danced in unison. Really nice move! Not just in and out motion but swaying. The feeling of him inside me no longer felt like before maybe because I was loosening up from consecutive days of touching myself. Earlier then was the sixth time I did it. But I could still feel that distinct feeling of him inside me—I am very much aware of my womanhood. I could feel it vibrating. The energy there was undeniable. And I felt some kind of fear with me for what’s happening. I’m being pleasured with what’s being done to my body but the unknowing fear overcame me.

I uttered, “God is with me”. And he went still with his manly thing inside me. The movement stopped and he was slowly fading away. I was left with the remnant of his energy in between my thighs, with my pounding heart and my rough breathing gradually returning back to normal. And then, I had become fully aware of my environment. I am then, fully awake. I closed my eyes back, feeling my body, especially down below. I stayed lying there, waiting as if he’s coming back and I’m sure he won’t be for I was fully awake already. I laid myself longer in bed. The feeling still lingered through and then I felt an energy washing through the lower half of my body. And my irrational self wondered, did he stop because I’m no longer tight? But impossible! I fingered myself on March and he got the full of me on April. He left me when I mentioned God.

I know that this entry has gotten too long. I might not be as good as that woman LaBerge and his associates experimented on for I couldn't bring myself to have sex in my dreams at will. But, I’m one of those lucky few who can have realistic sex dreams with real muscle movements happening to the body accordingly with the events in the dream. It’s kind of disappointing though, I never get myself touched in the upper half apart from kissing. Maybe it’s because I know that I’m flat-chested. Hence, there won’t be mounds to knead to. LOL. So yeah, I pretty much put some limit because of my preconceived notion that my man will not touch my boobs because of the lack thereof. But I hope next time, there will be neck petting.

And oh by the way, I would always have an orgasm after every experience. ;) I wonder if my future man can also give me a big O…

I feel the need to post this because I fear I might lose one of my diaries containing these intimate dream memories. 2014 Update: I put this post down on 2013 in fear of people's judgment just as my website has gained readership but then repost it this year to its original schedule in response to a Ukranian actress named Natasha Blasick claiming that she had sex with a ghost twice. Ghost??? Just twice??? The news about Natasha struck a cord in my country that she created a huge storm in the Catholic community. Priests are claiming that girls or women who let this kind of thing on are being taken advantage of by demonic spirits.

What's your take on this? Is it all in the brain or are there actually invisible forces that prey on consensual people?

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