Foodgasm: El Spanish Class Excursion at Sancho Churreria Manila

For our Spanish Summer Class, our beautiful teacher led us to a Spanish food excursion as part of the class activities. We went to Sancho Churreria located at 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village in Q.C. It was a nice experience to me (not the food yet) just going there for I realized that I haven't been to the other side of the road around UP. And just by the look of the street there, I was reminded of such a nauseating feeling... bedazzled by the elegant look of the place screaming expensive!

There are lots of establishments along that street, specifically small restaurants with elegant designs. As for Sancho, it has that classy Spanish look but only too narrow to accommodate a group of customers. Seriously, they should add some space. I'm such a small person but it felt like I could not squeeze myself in one seat. And we're a whole class! So that's basically how it felt like going there.

Sancho Churreria Manila

The Menu

Sancho Churreria Manila

Sancho Churreria Manila

As you can see from the menu, the foods are quite expensive ranging from P120 to P250 for one person a meal and up to P370 for 3 people. Because I just hitched a ride with my teacher along with my two other classmates, while in the car I talked about chipping in or sharing of food so that everyone can taste  different dishes and save money at the same time. So we did.

Sancho Churreria Manila

So, we had Nachos, a dish with Tocino and Chorrizo, Tortillas de Patata (basically, Omelette with potatoes and tomatoes), Paella Valenciana, and the epic Churros con Chocolate! It was kind of funny when we think that we're short of food since there were others who weren't able to eat the Paella Valenciana. And I tell you, there was too much of it (more rice actually, not much of the sea foods it promised)! But anyway, everything was sumptuous. (mmm) I got my stomach so full that I didn't get to eat the second batch of Paella Valenciana. But it still felt bitin. Maybe because I want to try something else? We actually wanted to cancel but  they were already cooking the food. When we looked at the big pot coming to our table, we wanted to run away. We're too stuffed! lol.

Sancho Churreria Manila Tortillas de Patata

Tortillas de Patata

Sancho Churreria Manila Tortillas de Patata

Haha, this one below is the Churros con Chocolate. I think that all of us were trying our might to stuff as much Churros as we can without being unfair to others. How's that?

Sancho Churreria Manila Churros

The Class.  :) Everybody was too preoccupied in eating that only one of us was able to take pictures. And that's my friend. And now I'm using her pictures, with permission. XD  With our combined orders, each one of us only shelled out P168! Cheap, right? So if you want to pay less in having a food trip, do it with lots of friends and do share food (you call that chipping in). And yeah, everything here might be pricey but they're all yummy!

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