Cloverfield (2008): Movie Review

Cloverfield 2008 Movie Review
courtesy of Paramount Pictures

It was just a usual night in the upstate city of Manhattan until a skyscraper monster plagued it, destroying all things in its path. Buildings collapsed and the military has brought their force to put down the creature.

What was supposed to be a happy farewell party for his promotion to another country to Rob Hawkins turned into a real farewell for his friends who died in the incident. As told in the viewpoint of one of his friends who did the filming for his party, Rob was determined to rescue Beth who just left shortly to go back to her apartment. With the four of them left, they trudged all the way to Beth, passed the huge monster with its legions of tiny deadly creatures that fell from its body.


Another movie about a Godzilla monster done with shaky camera method and by J. J. Abrams (of Star Trek 2009 ), this movie is a splendid one! If you're the type who likes to watch dizzy with a first person moving camera (with the advent of Blair Witch Project, and Rec), this movie will never be a disappointment to you.


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